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Tools to support WIF with .NET 4.5



Related Projects

Wif-net - Windows Installer via F# (WIF)

Windows Installer via F# (WIF)Wrapper around the Win32 Windows Installer APIs in F#

Wif-wesnoth - unstable patch

Files for creating wesnoth-unstable.

WPF Guidance for Claims-Based and Federated Security Models

This project includes a whitepaper, code samples that are reference implementations providing guidance for building claims-based and federated security models that involve WPF clients with WCF and Geneva Framework. Note that Geneva Framework is not required for the WPF client.

STS Federation Metadata Editor

This is a federation metadata editor for Security Token Services (STS). STSs can be created on any platform (as long as it's based on the oasis standart). The original scope of this project was to edit the FederationMetadata.xml created by the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF).

Nklibrary - Klasa w C# do obsługi portalu (bez wykorzystania API)

Dzięki tej klasie można w tej chwili wykonać następujące operację: logowanie do nk pobieranie danych osoby (imię, nazwisko, miejscowość, wiek, płeć, pseudo, telefon) na podstawie ID zapraszanie na podstawie ID anulowanie wysłanych zaproszeń zaakceptowanie wszystkich zaproszeń które dostaliśmy - to muszę poprawić, więc jeszcze nie ma Użycie:Podstawy.using NKlib;(...)//Tworzymy obiekt podając nasze dane do nk.plNK nk = new NK("login", "hasło");//Logujemy się do portalunk.log

Ardudrone - Compilation of code as well as scripts, binaries and arduino sketches required for a wif

SummaryThis project contains all required binaries and scripts as well as the source code for modifying the Parrot AR.Drone to be controlled by a standard RC Remote Control. The RC receiver is connected directly to the drone and sends the commands directly with the help of an Arduino board. NoteThis mod and all available sources are open source and free for every one. Please feel free to use and extend it the way it suits you but please give credit to the original mod and its creator(s). Sincere

Viper-sugui - A GUI for the Program Seismic Unix.

A GUI for the Program Seismic Unix.This project must be compiled with Qt-4.4.3 To compile in linux use qmake -project qmake makeTo compile in mac-os use qmake -project qmake -spec macx-g++ <name>.pro makeI have updated to Qt-4.7, and have tested the build on windows just to see how it works. This is best built with QtCreator or setting the path to use the mingw provided by the Qt installation. The following are the commands to build on windows. \\# These are the same commands used by Qt Creator

Metacollection - A framework for organizing a collection of resources and their metadata

The MetaCollection project aims to provide a structure for data that is used by other applications like the simple SharpContent web page editing system. The structure includes a meta data and permission framework as well as extensibility hooks for different types of resources. Some of the concepts in the MetaCollection directly map to Tim Berners-Lee's ideas of a read/write semantic web of linked data. Resources within the MetaCollection are stored in a hierarchical format with typed inter-resou