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System created to deal with deviations and ideas in small to medium size organizations. Based on ASP.NET MVC, Sencha EXTJS and MsSQL.



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Django-search-app - This is about developing a plugable Django Search Application developed from ske

A couple of days ago, we discussed ideas of realizing a completely pluggable search app, which requires no modification of the existing apps, models and DB. This is in fact a question for Wheel 2.0, but in times of Mythbusters and DIY, reinventing the wheel seems to be fun, and sometimes required for understanding the basic mechanics of a matter. For further information, read on in the wiki starting here: We're totally looking forward to a

Nakedobject2 - refine and evolve you meta-model dynamic

How often you worked with you favorite spreadsheet tool, created a complex structure (several sheets with lookups) and collected the related data and later on you realize it doesn't fulfill a (new) aspect (or requirement) you haven't considered yet? Where are the simple to use tools where you can define you meta-model, add your data, update you meta-model to fulfill new requirements, migrate your data more or less automatic, change your view, ... The idea of this project to implement such a tool

Truesight-lite - Decompiler for .NET platform

For quite a long time I've been thinking of ways to improve introspection capabilities of .NET. Surely, we've got a very powerful set of features - JIT compilation, runtime code generation, rich reflection facilities, but they are very much shadowed by the low level API provided for them in BCL. To accumulate some of my ideas in that regard, I've put up the Truesight project. The project has been moving slowly since its inception until I started a postgraduate research in the field of GPGPU. Bas

Semap - Realize the plug-ins semantic bus vision

PROJECT WAS TEMPORARY STOPPED AT THE END OF 2007 :-( Latest version: - from - (ChangeHistory). IntroductionService to aggregate user's RDF data and to access to them by the SPARQL end point. On the basis of semap we can create numerous semantic services to work with our information in a new semantic level instead using files. The main idea about the semantic bus vision - insert data once, use everywhere. Used RDF format of data releases them from any applications. Try to use the Semantic Web tec

Mobilefinancial - Project developed to help myself and perhaps others to take control of the financi

For better user expirence, always download the latest version! If you like help me to improve this software, you can send me an e-mail showing what you think, new features you would like to see in this software... This project aimed is to provide a way to register info about expenses, but it works beyond that... you can control the efficiency of your vehicle, the program gives you the average of fuel cost in the month... I'm putting this software here, for others to use and perhaps contribute wi

Svgfig - Quantitative drawing in Python and SVG

SVGFig (pronounced svig-fig)The SVGFig package lets you draw mathematical figures in Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG), using the Python language. As a tool, its usefulness lies somewhere between freehand drawing programs, which don't give you quantitative control over your figures, and traditional plotting packages, which fit your data into a prescribed template. SVGFig allows you to draw anything you can express in Python. SVGFig is particularly suited to handle non-linear geometries. All

Net-flickr - Net::Flickr is a Ruby implementation of Flickr's REST API

Update 1/30/09Ryan and I are not heavily maintaining net-flickr any longer. Personally, I have tinkered with many updates to net-flickr only to find out that many others have proceeded me with those same ideas in an ever growing pool of other Ruby based Flickr API wrappers. The hardest problem of maintaining this wrapper is authoring custom interfaces for every API method Flickr releases, and then wrapping those custom methods into a proprietary network of Ruby object relationships. This simply

Liquid-cdteam - Community Dev Team

CDTeam FroYoMetal V2.75 from Metal dumpBuilt on the Metal dump from paugustineHi everyone! Since the Acer Liquid Metal dump have been released by paugustine (A BIG BIG THANK TO YOU XD) CDTeam made a Metal-based ROM in a very short time. Here the most important features : # Dolby Mobile (still working on it) # New camera app,with better photo & video quality # Breeze Launcher still the same,but faster than the leak's one # Updated apps # Improved speed even with Acer UI # Rooted and Busyboxed # D

Propcomp - Totem Entity Development Kit

Totem EDK - a component based entity system using shared propertiesTotem is an Entity Development Kit designed from the idea of writing an intuitive API for Entity behavior and property definition through aggregation. An Entity consist of multiple components that defines it's behavior, while referencing necessary properties of the Entity required for each behavior to function. The approach originated from the realization that the most common relationship between components in an Entity, is the r

Gwt-g3d - 3D library for GWT

Announcement1/6/12 The code license has been changed from Apache 2.0 to to GNU GPL v2. See for the reason why this is necessary. 3/29/11 Version 0.07 is released. This release compatibility issue with GWT 2.2. 10/20/10 Version 0.06 is released. This release includes some bug fixes for the previous releases. There is no major interface change. 8/6/10 Version 0.05 is released. This release updates the API to match the current specification, so so