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Project that throws together some nice id3 mass editing functions



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Xss-shield - Rails plugin protecting against XSS attacks.

XSS Shield protects your views against cross-site scripting attacks without error-prone manual escaping with h(). Instead of: <h3><%= h( %></h3> <p><%= link_to "#{h(item.first_name)}'s stuff", :action => :view, :id => item %></p>You will be able to write: <h3><%= %></h3> <p><%= link_to "#{item.first_name}'s stuff", :action => :view, :id => item %></p>and all your views will be automatically protected. Protection works by tagging strings you trust - which are only those escape

Harmonium - A Tivo Music Player

Harmonium Feature SummaryPlays MP3 files Organizes library using MP3 ID3 data Browse library by album artist, track artist, or track name HD display with cover art retrieved from ID3 data Build and modify playlists with your Tivo remote Use existing m3u playlists Build "Now Playing" playlist on-the-fly, without stopping playback Toggle shuffle and repeat options with a single keypress Navigate large libraries with number keys Windows and Linux server support See the change log for recently relea

S3storage - ZODB Storage backend using Amazon web services

s3storage - zope in the cloudMoved to Setupboto from memcached bindings start a memcached server with the -M option so it won't garbage collect your locks.. Put this in your zope.conf %import Products.s3storage<zodb_db main> # Main S3Storage database mount-point / connection-class Products.s3storage.connection.StoragePerConnection <s3storage> aws_access_key_id 12345ABC... aws_secret_acce

Entwine - A command-line client and library for Twine

NOTE: I've pretty much halted work on entwine until Radar Networks publishes their ontology. It's too much work reverse-engineering it A command-line client and library for for accessing user information and items in Twines on It is written in Python and uses rdflib. The official API is going to be released to us near the end of 2008 according to Radar Network's roadmap. In the meantime, I'm actually finding a lot we can do just by fetching Twine Items. Stay tuned for version 0.0.3 or

Indianos - A Large Scale Indian Operating system for x86 Processors.

THIS COMMUNITY IS DEDICATED FOR GREAT CODE DEVELOPMENT IN ANY FIELD RELATED TO COMPUTERS> well now a dayz outsourcing made world or might be just indians to believe that INDIA is n IT power .... but i have some questions that how can it be when we r using ol stuff imported from other countries like us etc nothing ours from processor to notepad software n we r IT power huh well i want ol people here to disscuss here their idea or experience to sort this out maybe we can soon change current scenar

Pgnumpy - A numerical python interface to the PostgreSQL database

This is a python package to interface numerical python (NumPy) with a Postgres database. Record arrays can be transferred to and from tables transparently. The workhorse class is PgNumpy, which executes queries and can retrieve results into numpy arrays. This is a wrapper class for a C++ extension cPgNumpy that uses libpq for queries. For stuffing record arrays into the database, you will most often use the array2table convenience function. This function will write the numpy array to a file, cre

Key2cue - Build CUE sheets for a collection of music that has been processed by musical key detectio

This is a very early version of the script. Please do not run this on your archive. If you want to play with it, copy some stuff around and test on the copies :) I do NOT take responsibility for any damage done by this script. This project came about 1 weekend before the Burning Man Project when I decided I was not going to burn 100 cds by building each cue sheet manually when I could have the computer do it for me. I thought, "All of the ID3 tags are correct and it should be easy to automate th

Jwsandbox - Sandbox

For latest and greatest, see github repo @ Allows a user to specify a release id, the class returns various information regarding the specific relase (artist, tracklist, genre etc). The script uses python's minidom to parse the discogs api, an API key is required. Example The Discogs class allows you to supply a discogs "release ID", and obtain the following attributes . Album artist : artist Album title : title Release year : year Record label

D3dcontrols - Direct3D Windows Control written in C#

I created a windows control to hopefully simplify adding Direct3D to .Net applications, it is written in C#. This control has a lot of functionality, but it by no means has everything that I intended on putting in. It is my first real Managed DirectX project so be a little forgiving if you find something that is not done just right.The purpose of this control is to provide a Direct3D surface that can be added to any .Net windows form. It has a lot of features that can do most of the busy work fo

Maven-blazeds-spring-archetype - Maven2 archetype to generate simple project structure that employs

Inspired by todolist application from I know there're some projects that're doing the same stuff. But some of stuff i can't find in them are: Well integration with Eclipse and flex builder Allow debugging java code and flex code in Eclipse Support session timeout in flex app (undergoing) And this project I created aims to support those targets In this project, I'm using flex mojos plugin to compile Flex app. The generated code can be