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Related Projects

Horse-farm - Pico ERP

erp for pico organizations

Horseanalysis - Horse Analysis

A simple app to have horse analysis

Adrianmassey-api - AdrianMassey Java API

JAVA API for adrianmassey.com - it's a prototype only. More on my betting exchange research at http://blog.danmachine.com/

Racingpost-api - RacingPost Java API

JAVA API for racingpost.com. It's a prototype only. More on my betting exchange research at http://blog.danmachine.com/

Horsemanagement - a horse manage project

can register a horse, can register a horse racing. store the record as horse profile.

Bfsanddfs - Completion of this project, my art. int. lesson's class homework.

Within a 10x10 chessboard as a rock. This stone is progressing in the form of 3-1. That looks like the horse moves. (But advances shape at 2-1.) Program in which the algorithm will be used next problem.txt starting point and purpose to the point, and the results are written into the file solition.txt. Problem.txt For example, in 11298 (1 = 1 start_y = 2 BFS start_x = goal_x = 9 goal_y = 8) means. Accordingly gives results run the program

Recmapper - Overlay recreation area maps for local navigation.

RecMapperRecreation Area Map Navigator Why?Many state recreation departments supply maps of their parks that often have much more detail (including foot, horse, & bike paths, and small scale landmarks) than Google Maps. However, it's harder to use these detailed maps for navigation within the parks because they exist in various scales and orientations. How?This project will allow you to build a site where users can upload or link to recreation department maps, align them using location services

Whefs - Embedded Filesystem Library for C

Welcome to the whefs Projectwhefs (WanderingHorse.net Embedded Filesystem) is an Open Source C library implementing an embedded/virtual filesystem. It works by creating a "filesystem" inside a so-called container file (or in memory). This API can then treat that container similarly to a filesystem. In essence this is similar to conventional archives (e.g. zip files), except that this library provides random-access read/write support to the filesystem via an API similar to the conventional fopen(

Kimah - Knights 3D game

A 3D game featuring knights and middle age adventures created using free software like Gimp, Panda3D, Python and Blender. Kimah comes from "Knights In The Middle-Age History"