IceCat Webbrowser - Miau the Web!

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IceCat - Miau the Web! IceCat is a small lightwight Webbrowser written in VisualBasic .Net . It includes many features that are found in Mozilla Firefox. Currently IceCats based on the Internet Explorer engine but will soon be built on the Gecko engine based on Mozilla Firef



Related Projects

Open ICEcat Connector

Open ICEcat Connector helps you to use Open ICEcat data in your project.

Icecat-import - Automatic ICEcat data import to various E-Commerce systems.

This set of projects allows doing the following: - Import data to your E-Commerce site from the free ICEcat products catalogue; - Perform import faster than ever due to an effective multi-threaded implementation; - You can run import from any platform supporting Java (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X); - GrossCommerce E-Commerce platform is fully supported; - You can rapidly write own import drivers to add support of any shop. (c) Vitche Research Team. All Rights Reserved.


Icecat's Product Information Manager (PIM)

django-icecat - Django Icecat integration

Django Icecat integration

tornado-icecat - Tornado app for accessing data on Icecat

Tornado app for accessing data on Icecat


Scripts to connect icecat freexml to a local erp / webshop


A console application (Windows only) that parses the CategoryFeaturesList.xml file provided by the IceCat service.


reliable product management needs reliable data storage ... after desastrous fail on mongoDB, and insufficient performance of mysql, i try postgres now ...