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i9PgAdmin - Ferramenta para auxiliar na administração de banco de dados PostgreSQL. Cria Dumps e efetua rotinas de manutenção facilmente sem necessidade de conhecimentos de command line. i9PgAdmin - Tool to assist in the administration of PostgreSQL database. Create Dumps ...




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Lister - In a GUI interface, connect to various data sources via a connection list, edit and execute

Project DescriptionThis is a free, GUI SQL script editor, processor and test runner written in C++ using the U++ free toolkit. It is primarily designed as a tool for Business Analysts on a Database/Warehouse Procurement team. Primary FeatureMainly: fast connection, easy reconnecting, retention of all scripts, systematical storing and running of script as logged tests, and access to other non-SQL sources in a consistent interface. Also easy management of massive number of connections and password