CUAHSI Hydrocatalog - Hydrologic Information System Server Services

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This project is the web services and the central catalog for the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (HIS) is an internet-based system for sharing hydrologic data.



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HydroDesktop - CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Desktop Application

HydroDesktop is a free and open source desktop application developed in C# .NET that serves as a client for CUAHSI HIS WaterOneFlow web services data and includes data discovery, download, visualization, editing, and integration with other analysis and modeling tools.

Kml-soc-ncsa - Mapping Geo-spatial and temporal information to/and from KML

This project is to map Geo-spatial/temporal/thematic semantic information to/and from KML. The code developed in this project will include transforming other GIS data formats such as shapefiles (Vector), GeoTiff (Raster), webservices such as WaterOneFlow to KML, and two-way transformation between KML and RDF(Resource Definition Framework). The result of this project would allow the convergence of GeoWeb and Semantic Web.

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