Hydrator: Flexible Test Data Generator

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Hydrator is a highly configurable test data generator




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nHydrate - Conceive, Model, Generate

nHydrate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) solution for the Microsoft .NET platform providing a framework for a relational database to be mapped to .NET objects. It is designed to alleviate the software developers experience writing persistence domains. The model controls database generation, LINQ syntax, API, DAL, etc.

Deeteeoh - DTO mapping library

A library designed to automate simple DTO creation, hydration and transformation.

Hydrat - declarative text classification framework with advanced data management

hydrat is a declarative framework for text classification tasks. Salient points: declarative, programmatic interface to data wrappers for a variety of external classifiers wrappers for a variety of text processing tools automatic extraction of a variety of textual features advanced data management via a structured representation and metadata system to avoid expensive recomputation storage and analysis of results Please see Installation GettingStarted

H2droid - An application to keep up with your daily water intake goals.

Version 1.3.2 is currently on the Android Market. Several people have requested features and I've add them to the issues list. If you have an idea that you want included in the app, please contact me. Hydrate has passed 4000 downloads, thank you for the support! Hydrate is a simple Android application to help achieve your daily water intake goals. Feedback is encouraged, this is my first run at developing an Android application.

Hydrate = RDBMS laquo;-raquo; Object laquo;-raquo; XML

By allowing you to simply and efficiently move data from Relational to Java Objects to XML and back again, Hydrate gives you the tools to merge, manipulate and report on data from your strategic and legacy reference data, and enterprise data warehouses.

Php-orm-benchmark - Benchmark of the major PHP ORMs (Propel, Doctrine)

This project provides test applications with equivalent features. Its goal is to test the execution speed of various object model operations across major PHP ORMs. Here is the result as of 09/2011: | Insert | findPk | complex| hydrate| with | |--------|--------|--------|--------|--------| PDOTestSuite | 111 | 109 | 95 | 106 | 99 | Propel14TestSuite | 1260 | 502 | 123 | 311 | 303 | Propel15TestSuite | 1050 | 522 | 165 | 414 | 602 | Propel16TestSuite | 363 | 198 | 176 | 423 | 466 | Propel16WithCac

Adamdotcom-amazon - An Amazon Review and Wish List Consumer for .NET and ASP.NET

An Amazon Review and Wish List Consumer for .NETGet your Reviews and Wish List from Amazon then store it locally in XML format. IntroductionTo use this module for your own Amazon reviews and product lists you will need to sign-up for the following: An Amazon Web Service (AWS) access key. http://aws.amazon.com/ An Amazon Associates tag. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join An Amazon Account. http://www.amazon.com/gp/css/homepage.html Then you will need to write a review or crea

Hydration Kit - Test Lab: Base Configuration

A proof of concept server configuration solution built from Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) standalone media.

Gaeom - Google App Engine Object Mapper

Latest Release1.0.0-b1 - July 19, 2011 1.0.0-b2-SNAPSHOT may be more recent SummaryThis project aims to deliver a simple to use, yet powerful and performant object-datastore mapping engine. First, you define your persistent objects class MappingFramework{ String name; String description; boolean rocks;}Then, you can store instances in an ObjectStoreSession ObjectStore os = ObjectStore.Factory.create(); // usually done once per JVMObjectStoreSession oss = os.beginSession(); // usually done once p

Hydration - Because automation is King!

Hydration is the concept of using a deployment solution, like MDT 2012 Update 1, to do a fully automated build of an entire lab, proof-of-concept, or production