HVAC Control and Zoning System

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Use your computer as the thermostat for your HVAC system. This C# project allows you control the hardware to keep an unlimited number heating/cooling zones at a comfortable level.




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Controll the SSC-32 servo controller in java. Handles up to 32 servos. Get available com-ports. Move a servo or group of servos to position as fast as possible. Move a servo or group of servos to position by selecting speed. Move a servo or group of servos to position in a certain time. Get position of a servo or group of servos. Wait for last move to complete. Discrete Output, Byte Output. See http://steelsquid.org/SSC32Controller

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This project contains various C# libraries and executables that can be used to get a Lynxmotion robotic arm to play Tic-Tac-Toe against a human player using a simple Web cam to track the Tic-Tac-Toe board. Included are libraries for robot calibration, forward and inverse kinematics and communication with the SSC-32 servo controller. The vision system is built upon the Emgu CV .Net wrapper for the OpenCV image processing library.

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jSSC-0.9.0 Released and available for download.jSSC (Java Simple Serial Connector) - library for work with serial port from Java. jSSC support Win32 (Win98-Win7), Win64, Linux(x86, x86-64), Solaris(x86, x86-64), Mac OS X 10.5 and higher(x86, x86-64, PPC, PPC64). Documentation and examples you can find in wiki. You can try jSSC right here and right now: run jSSC-Terminal applet If you like jSSC, please support project. You can write about jSSC in your twitter, blog, web-site, forum and etc. Also


A code library for developing applications that calculate moist air properties. Mostly for HVAC engineers. All code must and will be written in C#. All calculations are based off of the ASHRAE standards. The library supports both SI (metric) and IP (Imperial) units.

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Adjusting servo controller based on Attiny2313 via serial RS232 connection. Warning : At this point software is not compatible with any of servo controllers available! My servo controller firmware is not released, and no plans to do so in near or far future (it is not fully finished). But this project may be is a good start point for building software for adjusting other controllers.