HttpProxy .NET

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HttpProxy.NET is an open source HttpProxy built on the .NET framework 2.0. It allows you to tunnel a website through any .NET web server. It it very much like the websites that let you tunnel your browsing. The advantage of having HttpProxy.NET is that most of the websites t...



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Http-proxy - a proxy http that can also work as a tunnel http

The http-proxy project scope is to implement a proxy http that can also work as a tunnel http.The application stores the content exchanged between a browser and a web server in a local directory, cache.It is possible to define filtering criteria based on the http content.

Icaser - Internet Content Adaptation Services

This project intends providing valuable services for content adaptation of Internet World Wide Web content. Project is currently in planning stage.

Gbconv - The http proxy server convert text/html content encoding from gb* to utf-8. It is base on w

The http proxy server convert text/html content encoding from gb+ to utf-8. It is base on webrick/httpproxy and ruby. The gbconv is running on windows platform. But you can play it on +nix by a little change. It primarily includes fork, kill and other codes that base on win32/process extension. This program is very tiny and basic. Line count less than 300. At last I should say thanks to Thomas Metge who built shrew project that I make referenced.

Dot-proxy - HTTP proxy

What is dot-proxy? dot-proxy is http proxy. Enigma does not provide caching capabilities, but have advanced access control, user and group management, UTM and billing system, bandwidth control, content filtering and redirection control

Http Server Type

httptype reads a list of http hosts and optionally the port number for each of these. It queries each host, displaying the type of HTTP server running on that host, if any. It reads the http_proxy and no_proxy environment variables to determine wheth

Starksoft-component-libraries - NET/Mono 2.0 components consisting of SOCKS proxy client, integratio

.NET / Mono 2.0 component for creating client side proxy connections to SOCKS v4, SOCKS v4a, SOCKS v5, and HTTP proxy servers. .NET / Mono 2.0 component for creating client side connections to FTP and FTPS servers. .NET component for interfacing to Windows version of GnuPG version 1.x (GPG.EXE) and 2.x (GPG2.EXE) for PGP encryption, decryption and signing. Please visit to get the latest binaries and to find support information via the Startsoft Wiki and Starksoft Forums. Thanks

Cli-calc - A command-line interface to the Google Calculator, written in Ruby.

Cli-Calc is yet another command-line screen scraper for the Google Calculator, this time written in Ruby for variety's sake. You can pass it an argument to evaluate or invoke it with no arguments and enter an interactive mode that's sort of like bc. In interactive mode, the script will evaluate the expression each time you press Return and assign the results to a variable that you can use later. You can name the variables yourself if you'd like, as well as save and restore sets of variables from

Lfimap - This script is used to take the highest beneficts of the local file include vulnerability i

This script can: Find lfi vulnerability in each parameter automatically Find the root of the file system automatically Find default files inside the server in linux and windows Find passwords in config files Support basic authentication Send null bytes to bypass some controls Write a report of the scan Support proxy Detect OS and send only test according the OS detected Hexaencode support Output in html format Examples: Without proxy: $ python -t "http://localhost/lfi.php?page=home.txt