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HttpLib makes it easier to asynchronously consume data from web services in C#. The library contains methods to upload files to server and get pages.



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CheesyPy - a library for creating websites somewhat like CherryPy, featuring a builtin web-server (HTTPLib) with session management (not using Cookies) and a plugin architecture (PageLib) for webpages.

Php-httplib - A lightweight HTTP library in PHP

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Mjpeg-stream-client - A simple python client to stream the output of mjpeg-stream

This project exists because of an attempt to check how I might be able to stream live http stream on an application. I've used the following dependencies Obviously: mjpeg-streamer Python Tkinter Python Imaging Library httplib

Httplib2 - A comprehensive HTTP client library in Python

Httplib2A comprehensive HTTP client library that supports many features left out of other HTTP libraries. RequirementsRequires Python 2.3 or later. Version 0.5.0 and later includes Python 3 support. DocumentationThere is New Python library style documentation and more detailed Examples and ExamplesPython3 for how to use httplib2 in specific situations. There are also two articles about httplib2 on, Doing HTTP Caching Right: Introducing httplib2 and httplib2: HTTP Persistence and Authenti

Couchdb-python-curl - couchdb-python fork, which uses pycurl rather than httplib

What is it?This is a fork of well-known couchdb-python project. GoalsMain goal - drop away buggy unneeded httplib2 and replace it with mature robust curl library (via pycurl wrapper). StatusServer - works Database - works Document (with attachments) - works Views - work Actually, everything is working pretty well, and is capable to face much more load, than httplib-based implementation. And, we are not dead! Couchdb-python-curl is working in a number of our company internal projects, so it's pro

Python-httpclient - HTTP client library for Python

This project aims to provide an HTTP client library for Python to address some of the shortcomings of httplib and urllib2, in particular: verification of SSL certificates, usage of client certificate authentication with SSL, SSL connections through a proxy, usage of methods other than GET and POST. Questions or comments? Please get in touch by e-mail (or using the issue tracking if appropriate).

Python-eway - Python eWay Payment Client

Python Eway ClientThis library provides an interface to make transactions with the eWay ( API. RequirementsPython 2.5+ httplib2 ( Managed Clients Requires ZSI ( UsageRefer to the file in the tests subdirectory for example usage of the client. Refer to the file in the tests subdirectory for example usage of the managed client api. LicenseCopyright 2009 John D'Agostino Licensed under th

Python-rest-client - A REST client providing a convenience wrapper over httplib2

DescriptionA REST Client for use in python, using httplib2 and urllib2. Includes a version that is suitable for use in the Google App Engine environment. See httplib2 documentation here: Update 3 June 2008Added in HTTP Basic, Digest authentication (re-using code from httplib2) to the version of the client that can run in the Google App Engine environment.