Valid HTML5 Templates for VisualStudio

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This project will host valid HTML templates for Visual Studio. The primary focus however will be on the newer standard HTML5 and Visual Studio 2010



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Nagiostat parses performance-data from Nagios and generates graphs of trends over time. Nagiostat makes use of RRD-tool. It then generates graphs on-the-fly through a CGI-script and HTML-templates.


HTML-Template-Pro is a fast lightweight C template engine that supports syntax of HTML::Template perl module as well as many of its extensions. It consists of core htmltmplpro C library and bindings to perl/php/C#/....

Dauphin - drop-in web interface for mysql databases

Quick-and-dirty way to provide users web access to a MySQL database using perl. Requires HTML::Template, DBI, CGI. Supports relationships with external tables.

Smallaxe - Small Axe is a simple, HTML-templated PHP weblog.

Small Axe is a simple, HTML-templated blogging tool for those with little PHP experience. It's flexible, customizable, has a small footprint, uses multiple backends, and installs in just minutes. The clean, logical code layout makes it easy to extend.

Htmltemplatewidget - HTMLTemplateWidget allows to use html files in your application design.

DescriptionIf you're an expirienced GWT developers you may be confronted with difficulties conserned with writting a lot of complicated Java code to design your pages. HTMLTmplateWidget allows to use HTML files for designing. ExampleTo use HTMLTemplate widget you have to download gdwidgets.jar file, add it to your classpath and import in you GWT project by writting this line: <inherits name='com.delaware.widgets.GDWidgets'/>in your .gwt.xml file. Now you can create HTMLTemplateWidget by this way

HTML.Template java package

HTML.Template provides a templating solution similar to the HTML::Template perl module. It allows servlet writers to modify the look and feel of their servlets without having to recompile every time.

Html-template-convert - Perl packages providing syntax translation between HTML::Template and Templa

There are two packages: HTML::Template::Convert::TT and Template::Convert::HTML that provide syntax translation from one to another web-template engine. It will be useful when need to change template engine of some web site. With syntax translation it becomes simple to change template engine at once and than rewrite each template as soon as you want.

Mjt - metaweb javascript templates

Mjt is an HTML templating language written entirely in Javascript. It is very useful for building small web applications without requiring support for a server-side webapp framework. More information is available at

Pyhtml - Gen html with python.

A framework for python that you can gen html pages with it, Beside debug it as common python script,it can also be viewed through browers as common html like firefox or IE etc.It means both Page Designer and Programmer can use it freely.

Htmltemplatejs - cpan module &#39;HTML::Template&#39; in javascript

Javascript Implementation of 'HTML::Template' Introduction HTML::Template in Pure JavaScript昨今ã�®Web開発ã�§ã�¯Ajaxã‚„DHTMLを用ã�„ã�Ÿå¤§è¦�模ã�ªãƒ—ロジェクトã�Œå¢—ã�ˆã�¦ã��ã�¦ã�„るよã�†ã�§ã�™ã€‚ 大掛ã�‹ã‚Šã�«DOMを書ã��æ�›ã�ˆã‚‹éš›ã�«ã�¾ã�„ã�©ã�¾ã�„ã�©ã€�文字列連çµ�やらã�ªã�«ã‚„らを繰り返ã�—ã�¦ã�„ã�Ÿã‚‰ デザイナー/コーダã�¨ã�®é€£æ�ºã�ªã�©ã�Œã‚€ã�šã�‹ã�—ã��製作者以外ã€�何をã�—ã�¦ã�„ã‚