Hidden Screen Capture

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Running hidden captures screen at regular interval and store them on hard disk or ftp site.




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Sdu-hsc - Creation of compiler and CPU for HSC at SDU

Creation of compiler and CPU for HSC at SDU

Hsc-termlearn - A simple solution to help HSC students learn the glossary terms.

HSC TermLearn is a program written in VB.NET designed to allow HSC Students (Primarily from NSW) learn Glossary Terms that are used within the Trial HSC and HSC exam papers, as well as in-class assessments. The program has a preinstalled database of all the HSC terms, as well as their definitions and during the "game", the program picks a definition, and the user is required to type the corresponding term in the text box. Future versions will allow students to add their own terms, from other sub

De-tiny-sip - An easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android

Welcome to the TinySip project TinySip is an easy-to-use SIP UA implementation for Android. It includes a SIP stack, a STUN library and handles all the important features to set up a simple VoIP-call. Android features a SIP API from version 2.3.3. But this API does not support any NAT traversal and is limited in function. This is why I decided to implement my own SIP API and include the NAT traversal tools. Please feel free to use this code as you wish, according to the Apache License 2.0. I wou

Ct-dose-ocr - Conversion of legacy CT graphical dose screens to text

A C-sharp program which converts graphical CT dose screens to text. Assumes lossless images and implements optical character recognition (OCR) through exact glyph matching. Requires .NET Framework 2.0. http://hsc.usc.edu/~phillimc/doseocr/index.html

Hsop200 - Project for the open HSC200 open home automation platform

HSOP200 is the open source home automation platform relased by Homescenario Inc. This project will provide the toolchains, building system and dundamental tools for the home automation. For more information, please look at http://sites.google.com/site/openhomeautomation/.

Progenic - Airline Managment and Administration System

Progenic is an Airline management system, engineered for simple usage and without complex tasks and functions. Progenic is written in Visual basic 2008 .net and will use either a MySQL or Oracle database. Progenic expected 1.0 release is set for Wednesday April 1st, 2009. Up to this point there are 3 projected milestones. - Prototype Release 2 - Basic Program Structure, no functions (Alpha) 3 - Program Functions and Database actions (Beta) 4 - Initial Release, Full GUI and DB interaction

Ajaxflagmenu - jQuery plugin version 1.0.2

Project Project :ajaxflagmenu Language :javascript Framework :jQuery Descriptionversion Française AjaxFlagMenu est une simple verticale menu développé en JavaScript, design est inspiré de site social Facebook, cette menu est dynamique grâce aux fonctionnalités d’Ajax par l’objet XMLHttpRequest, au première fois j’ai développé la première version 1.0.1 on utilisant le Framework ECMA 3 des browsers, mais cette version 1.0.2 j’ai utilisé le Framwork jQuery version 1.3.2 pour faci

hsc_manifests - Puppet manifests for hsc execute server

Puppet manifests for hsc execute server

imitator - Spacial loop playback based on hsc3

Spacial loop playback based on hsc3

dev-- - My project files for dev++ @ HSC

My project files for dev++ @ HSC