Hotel Registration System

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Hotel Reservation System



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HRS Computing

HRS Computing is a scientific software that simulates the Hyper Rayleigh Scattering (HRS), which is a nonlinear optics phenomenon.


team1-hrs application

Hasta Randevu Sistemi

HRS, Hastaların hastanelere gitmeden internet üzerinden randevu almalarını sağlayan bir sistemdir. Bu proje deneysel bir yazılım proje grubu çalışmasıdır.

HRS Reconstruction System

HRS Reconstruction System This program build 3D model of object from range images. Program use modified volume reconstruction method for creating a model. In this method I replace difficult calculations on CPU with simple rendering on video card.

Hrsoriginal - The original ant build of the HRS app

A small application intended for educational use

Simple-cms-gae - Simple but scalable cms for google app engine

does your site has few static pages ? And do you pay for hosting content. do you want to add,modify a few pages on your site few times a day and need to pay for it ? simple cms GAE runs on google app engine. its being developed for non technical users who want to host their site , make some changes when they need. without having to worry about GAE , python or any other technical details. I am just starting this project and will upload simple-cms-gae as early 2012. simple-cms-gae is being designe

Frccanada2009 - Team 188 Code-Share Project

The Team 188 Code-Share ProjectMission:"100% of Canadian FRC Teams With Functional Autonomous Modes In 2009" Overview:A shared robot code repository for Canadian FRC teams, allowing participating teams to view and share code with each other. Through this repository, teams will be able to gain inspiration from the work of other teams, as well as provide a shared forum for programmers from different teams to help each other with their code. All participating teams must: Be familiar with the proper