Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management System using ASP.NET 3.5



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OrangeHRM - Human Resource Management Software

OrangeHRM offers a complete suite of human capital management / human resource management tools. This includes employee information management, employee absence management / employee holiday management or employee leave management, recruitment management, employee performance evaluation and many other HR management tools.

DNet eBusiness Suite

DNet stands for quot;domain networkquot; and tries to suggest the final goal of the application, to be a collection of domain specific modules both for B2B/B2C. Its mission is to deliver an enterprise ready infrastructure on which anybody can build own extensions/modules and provide a set of business features with ERP / CRM / HRM functionalities

SimpleHRM - Human Resource Management Solution for SME

SimpleHRM is an open source human resource management solution for SMEs. It provides an easy to use, intuitive interface for HR departments, with many features including Employee management, Leave management, Employee benefits, File and Document Management, Employee performance management, Generate reports etc.


This Programs allows you to read and store all the data from a Polar S720i or S710i HRM via the IR-Port to a device running Palm OS. Later on the the data could get sent to any other software which wants to communicate with a Polar HRM via IrDA.

Freehrm - Free HRM

FreeHRM - best open source HRM solution. This is a fork of OrangeHRM.


Human resource management (or simply HRM)

Wickedhrm - A Open Source HRM Application

The Wicked HRM Application is an open source application designed to create a customizable HRM solution. The HRM Suite will come with: - Website - Client Application - Server Application

Leaveplan - Free Leave Plan Plugin for OrangeHRM

This script allows to have a public LEAVE PLAN for all your employees using the OrangeHRM software. This script is FREE to use! The OrangeHRM official plugin costs $250, if you feel that this script save you some money, please donate something in order to supports its development.