House of Cards - Playing Cards Library

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House of Cards started as a project to create a video poker test program using the old 32-bit Cards.dll that first shipped with Windows 95. When it was found that Cards.dll no longer shipped with Vista/Windows 7, it was expanded to include a replacement for Cards.dll.



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Hoc-csv2x3d - Python tools for converting Radiohead's "House of Cards" csv data to X3D

This project offers a Python script for converting Radiohead's House of Cards csv data to X3D. The script can be extensively parameterized to convert to different X3D geometry types (standard and non-standard conform ones). Directly get it here (or via the Source tab): Usageusage: [options] <action> Convert Radiohead's "House of Cards" csv data to X3D.actions: convert Convert csv data to X3D. scene Build a X3D scene using

Hocgl - An OpenGL visualizer for Radiohead&#39;s House of Cards data

Small app for loading data and rendering as point sprites using OpenGL and FMod for playing back the track itself. A 'realistic' reconstruction mode and a more abstract visualization are included. Please report any bugs / issues. Cheers, Miles

house-of-cards - Applying Gravity to the Web

Applying Gravity to the Web