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is first my project, it very cu chuoi.



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PCI Hot Plug for Linux

This project is developing the infrastructure for PCI Hot Plug, including some minor 2.4 kernel changes and a driver for the Compaq PCI Hot Plug Controller.

Spotifycontrol - A simple way to control spotify without opening the main window

A simple project designed to help the user control the spotify player without opening the main window. With Aero integration and customizable global hot-keys and notifier showing when the track has changed, lyrics downloading and auto-updater and soon remote control and external artist/album track navigation. This application requires .NET Framework 3.5 to work. Download it from here: Pro

S60htmled - HTML Editor for S60 Smartphones

S60 HTML Editor is a simple but useful editor for HTML code on Symbian smartphones. Write and edit your HTML pages directly on your smartphone! The main features include: Easy insertion of HTML tags and entities using quick menu Automatic control for the close tags (for tags such as strong, em, a, etc) Fast moving through the text using hot keys and menus The editor is written in Python using appuifw2 extension module. The code was tested on Nokia E51 device and in S60 SDK emulator. See Manual f

Jquery-column-navigator - A jQuery plug-in provides a one column navigation style for a hierarchy li

DescriptionThis jQuery plug-in will transform the unordered list from a web page into a one-column navigator. Once a menu item clicked, its sub menu will slide into this column from right, and if the "return" menu item clicked, current menu will slide out from right and the parent menu will shown. In this case. It can provide a friendly user interface and better user experiences for end user. The original click event in the menu item will be reserved, if click the menu in the "hot zone", The ori

Pour-moi - Pour-Moi Sandbox Library Web GUI Application

Release 1.0.0 Thank you for taking the time to coming to my Pour-Moi repository. I am currently working on other projects, and I have decided not to continue working on this project since I have felt that it has served my purposes for the time being. If you would like to reach me please feel free to contact me at It is very possible that I will come back to working on this project, however I don't think that spending more time on PHP is something I wish to do, since .NET, Ru

Hive-game-reviewer - Hive Games Reviewer

What's Hive Game ReviewerThis is a program which is used to review the hive games played on created by hlaspoor. Unlike the offline reviewer on, this program allows you to view the replays files(.hgn) on your computer. This is a completely offline reviewer for you, meanwhile you can create your own replay file through this program by converting the replay on server which is named .sgf to .hgn file, also you can share the replay file with each other. Have fun! Especi

Run-jetty-run - Jetty Eclipse Plugin! Best plugin for running Jetty in Eclipse! Jetty,Eclipse,Maven,

Run Jetty RunRun web applications with Jetty and Eclipse in one click! Full maven support , simply run maven J2EE project without any config. GettingStarted explains it all. Please see FutureDirectionsDiscussion to participate in the evolution of Run Jetty Run. Update Site News1.3.3 is released ,some minor bug fixing and move to latest jetty version! Strongly recommand to use DCEVM hot-deploy feature to work with RJR, it's really faster and

Scenic3 - slim3 extension for scenic page navigation.

Scenic3 is a liberally to wrap Slim3's Controller. If you don't feel good Slim3 because you must create a controller class each an action method. Scenic3 create controller classes each action methods on PageClass by APT when compile. And analyze request pattern to create a MatcherClass (this class is glue between PageClass and Slim3's Controller class). So, Scenic3 don't setup when App Engine's instance is spin-up. Page class is classloaded by Reflection API when requested, so have a little over

jlabgroovy ("GroovyLab"): A Matlab like environment for Java and Groovy programmers

jlabgroovy ("GroovyLab", "Glab"): Matlab-like scientific computing in Groovy Project Summary The GroovyLab environment aims to provide a Matlab/Scilab like scientific computing platform that is supported by a scripting engine implemented in Groovy language. The GroovyLab user can work either with a Matlab-lke command console, or with a flexible editor based on the jsyntaxpane ( component, that offers more convenient code development. Also, GroovyLab supports

Mx-java - Cheminformatics for Java and Other Languages

MX - Essential CheminformaticsThis site is no longer maintained. For the most up-to-date documentation and news on MX, visit .SummaryMX is a suite of lightweight, general-purpose cheminformatics tools for building chemistry applications. Fully-implemented features include: Substructure Search/Mapping Depth-first Traversal Molfile Reader/Writer Structure Data File (SD File) Reader/Writer Implicit Hydrogen Detection Complete System of Atomic Masses and Isotopes Linked t