UITH- Hospital Manaegment

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A simple hospital or clinic management software




Related Projects

Open Hospital - Hospital Information System

This application is the first of a set of software products that ISF* has developed to support the management and the activities of the St. Luke Hospital in Angal (Uganda). Its features include Extendend Patient Registration, In patient and out patient management, Pregnancy, Pharmacy Management, Laboratory Module, Bills Management, SMS patient's reminder, DICOM viewer and lot more.

Hmse - hospital management system

This is a software which automates almost all the proceedings in a hospital,from general maintenance to wide search facility.This package helps to manage following sections in a hospital. 1.General maintenance 2.Inpatient 3.Outpatient 4.cashier 5.Pharmacist Thank you for using.

Csce-431-hospital-manager - A hospital managing application

This ASP.NET/C# project is a semester-long project for CSCE 431 Fall '10 capable of managing a hospital.

OpenClinic - Medical Records Management System

OpenClinic is an easy to use, open source, medical records system written in PHP. It has been mainly thougth for private clinics, surgeries and private doctors. It is platform independent and it has multilanguage architecture.

HospitalRun - Open source software for developing world hospitals

HospitalRun is built to provide the most modern hospital information system possible to the least resourced environments through open source. It is designed to allow records to be carried to remote clinics. It works when there is no Internet, and syncs when there is. It is focused on great user experience for clinicians, admins, and even contributors.

Hospital-Management - A simple Hospital Management Program Coded in C++

A simple Hospital Management Program Coded in C++