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h-Lattes é uma ferramenta que possibilita o cálculo de indices de avaliação de pesquisadores, como o h-index e o g-index, a partir de um currículo lattes.




Related Projects


scriptLattes is an open-source system to create academic reports of groups based on curricula vitae of the Brazilian Lattes Database.

Double Choco Latte

Double Choco Latte is a project to create a solution for managing some IT departments including software development and call center activity.


This is a Java-based LysKOM client library. The project focuses on creating a useful class library making it easy for developers to create new LysKOM clients in Java.

No Latte

No Latte is an interpreter for a variation of the Latte language (cf. http://www.latte.org/) for writing XHTML documents in a functional-programming style---LaTeX sensibilities with LISP semantics.

Academic-sbc - Lattes Ontology

This is an ontology for the lattes cnpq

Rothmann IT Service DeskTop

Rothmann IT Service DeskTop is a project to create a technological solution for Incident- and Configuration Management. It is based and implemented on the international 'best-practice' standard ITILreg;. It is an Add-On to the popular Double Choco Latte.

Sazzadphd - Sazzad's framework for PhD

Part of affective computing research at LATTE, University of Sydney.

Ugen - UGen++ audio processing API

UGen++ is a audio processing and synthesis framework in C++. It provides oscillators, filters, envelopes and event management etc. There are starter projects for Mac (using Juce), Windows (using Juce) and iPhone. Check out the most recent Download for a stable version of the library or the Source tab for a more recent, work in progress version. There are more tutorials and full Doxygen-generated documentation. You can view this within the Google Code project or in the window on its own. The latt

Yarpag - Yet Another Random PAssword Generator

This handy MS Windows utility generates random passwords based on user-selectable criteria. Latest news: Tuesday, December 15, 2009 yarpag v1.3.1 release NOTE: You can increase the random seed entropy by either moving the mouse pointer around on the form for a while, or generating a bunch of unused passwords, before creating the one you are actually going to use. Out of the box, yarpag will generate passwords containing both uppercase and lowercase letters, plus the numbers 2 through 9. The latt