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Hive-game-reviewer - Hive Games Reviewer

What's Hive Game ReviewerThis is a program which is used to review the hive games played on created by hlaspoor. Unlike the offline reviewer on, this program allows you to view the replays files(.hgn) on your computer. This is a completely offline reviewer for you, meanwhile you can create your own replay file through this program by converting the replay on server which is named .sgf to .hgn file, also you can share the replay file with each other. Have fun! Especi

Olap4cloud - HBase based OLAP engine

olap4cloud is OLAP engine working on top of Hadoop/HBase/MapReduce. It constructed to serve the queries containing grouping and aggregations like 'select sum(m1), min(m2) from table where d1 in (1,2) and d2 in (3,4) group by d3, d4' against large data sets (tens and hundreds of billions rows). olap4cloud intensively uses Map/Reduce approach and designed to be horizontally linearly scalable. olap4cloud is supposed to work faster then competitors(Hive, Pig) because of the following features: data

SharePoint Log Reader

SharePoint Log Reader is a utility to open and filter the SharePoint 2007/2010 log files typically found in 12hive\LOGS or 14hive\LOGS. It's very user friendly and allows opening multiple log files at once.

Madis - Complex data analysis/processing made easy

AboutmadIS is an extensible relational database system built on top of the SQLite database with extensions implemented in Python (via APSW SQLite wrapper). In usage, madIS, feels like Hive (Hadoop's SQL with User Defined Functions language), without the overhead but also without the distributed processing capabilities. Nevertheless madIS can easily handle tens of millions of rows on a single desktop/laptop computer. madIS' main goal is to promote the handling of data related tasks within an exte

hive - fixed or fluid 12/16 columns grid system in scss

fixed or fluid 12/16 columns grid system in scss