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A collection of Concurrent and Highly Scalable Utilities. These are intended as direct replacements for the java.util.* or java.util.concurrent.* collections but with better performance when many CPUs are using the collection concurrently. Single-threaded performance may be slightly lower.

The other utilities do not have direct JDK replacements includes

  • NonBlockingHashMap - Fast, concurrent, lock-free HashMap. Linear scaling to 768 CPUs
  • NonBlockingHashMapLong - Same as above, but using primitive 'long' keys
  • NonBlockingHashSet - A Set version of NBHM
  • NonBlockingSetInt - A fast fully concurrent BitVector
  • Counter - A simple counter that scales linearly even when extremely hot




Related Projects


A fork of Cliff Click's High Scale Library. Improved with bug fixes and a real build system.

high-scale-lib - A Mavenized fork of http://high-scale-lib.sourceforge.net/

A Mavenized fork of http://high-scale-lib.sourceforge.net/

Colt - Scientific and Technical Computing in Java

Colt distribution consists of several free Java libraries bundled under one single uniform umbrella. Namely the Colt library, the Jet library, the CoreJava library, and the Concurrent library. It provides support for resizable arrays, dense, sparse matrices, histogramming functionality, Random Number Generators etc.

Akka - Build Concurrent and Scalable Applications

Akka is the platform for the next generation event-driven, scalable and fault-tolerant architectures on the JVM. It helps to write simpler correct concurrent applications using Actors, STM & Transactors. It could scale out on multi-core or multiple nodes using asynchronous message passing. For fault-tolerance it adopts the Let it crash or Embrace failure model to build applications that self-heals, systems that never stop.

SportWire Web News

SportWire is a website toolkit for high-speed high-volume collection, transformation and redistribution of documents. Sportwire is currently employed by xmlteam.com to translate multiple concurrent vendor news feeds into standard SportsML at over 20 documents per second.


Continuous integration with [travis](https://travis-ci.org/spotify/sparkey).[![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/spotify/sparkey.svg?branch=master)](https://travis-ci.org/spotify/sparkey)Dependencies------------* GNU build system (autoconf, automake, libtool)* [Snappy](https://code.google.com/p/snappy/)Optional* [Doxygen](http://www.doxygen.org/)Building-------- autoreconf --install ./configure make make checkAPI documentation can be generated with `doxygen`.Installing----------

Agrona - Library to build high-performance applications in Java and C++

Agrona provides a library of data structures and utility methods that are a common need when building high-performance applications in Java and C++. It supports Buffers, Map, Sets, Cache, Queues and lot more.

Java Concurrent Animated

Java provides the concurrent library that simplifies concurrent programming, but this is hard to learn and visualize. This project is a series of animations each illustrating the coding and usage of a component in the java concurrent library.

ardverk-concurrent - A collection of utilities for concurrent programming

A collection of utilities for concurrent programming

MessengerConcurrent_v01 - CRM application using the API high level Concurrent

CRM application using the API high level Concurrent

VoltDB - Fast Scalable SQL DBMS with ACID

VoltDB was specifically designed for contemporary software applications that are pushed beyond their limits by high volume data sources. VoltDB provides the ability to capture, store and process incoming data at millions of read/write operations per second. And VoltDB’s relational model opens that data to be analyzed in real-time, using familiar Business Intelligence tools, to identify data patterns and trends, spot anomalies, or perform tracking and alerting.

concurrent-error-recovery - Library to recover from concurrent Java runtime exceptions

Library to recover from concurrent Java runtime exceptions


BlobSeer is a large-scale distributed storage service that addresses advanced data management requirements resulting from ever-increasing data sizes. It is centered around the idea of leveraging versioning for concurrent manipulation of binary large objects in order to efficiently exploit data-level parallelism and sustain a high throughput despite massively parallel data access.

EventQL - The database for large-scale event analytics

EventQL is a distributed, column-oriented database built for large-scale event collection and analytics. It runs super-fast SQL and MapReduce queries. Its features include Automatic partitioning, Columnar storage, Standard SQL support, Scales to petabytes, Timeseries and relational data, Fast range scans and lot more.

InfiniDB - Scale-up analytics database engine for data warehousing and business intelligence

InfiniDB Community Edition is a scale-up, column-oriented database for data warehousing, analytics, business intelligence and read-intensive applications. InfiniDB's data warehouse columnar engine is multi-terabyte capable and accessed via MySQL.

solr-scale-tk - Fabric-based framework for deploying and managing SolrCloud clusters in the cloud.

Setup========Make sure you're running Python 2.7 and have installed Fabric and boto dependencies. On the Mac, you can do:```sudo easy_install fabricsudo easy_install boto```For more information about fabric, see: http://docs.fabfile.org/en/1.8/Clone the pysolr project from github and set it up as well:```git clone https://github.com/toastdriven/pysolr.gitcd pysolrsudo python setup.py install```Note, you do not need to know any Python in order to use this framework.Local Setup========The framewor


C library of concurrent hash tables with high performance for parallel model checking


How to select load cell (Weighing Sensor)? Load cell (Weighing sensor) selectionThe load cell selection should take into account many factors, the actual use of them we consider the following factors. In addition, the sensitivity of the load cell, the maximum number of divisions, the smallest verification scale value indicators must be considered in the sensor selection.The number and range of the sensorThe choice of the number of sensors is based on the use of electronic weighing scale body nee

java-gif-scale-crop - Simple library to scale and crop gif in java

Simple library to scale and crop gif in java