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Underc-fltk - Bindings of FLTK and Sqlite3 library to UnderC c++ interpreter

FLTK is a nice cross platform gui library, Sqlite3 an exceptional single file sql library and UnderC a nice c/c++ interpreter, joining both will make a powerful cross platform development framework and here you have the place to make it. UnderC from http://home.mweb.co.za/sd/sdonovan/underc.html FLTK from http://www.fltk.org Sqlite3 from http://www.sqlite.org C/C++ from http://gcc.gnu.org/ I did managed to make it compile with mingw gcc 3.4.5 the problem was with the header files that have the s

Sds-rpg-layout - RPG Layout for SD's

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hic - hic


Accession - data management for psychology and neuroscience research

Purpose: Psychology and human neuroscience labs have specific data-handling requirements. These include scientific, lab-management, and institutional demands. Accession is a web-interface intended to meets these needs simultaneously, by providing: data tracking (generating unique accession numbers), redundancy (backup & archiving), integrity assurance (user-level, file-level), human-subject protection, standardized organization and conventions, reporting (e.g., of subject enrollment, financial a

Hi-C-Tools - Processing Hi-C related data

Processing Hi-C related data


Graph Analysis of Hi-C chromatin capture data

hic - Hyangnam International Cafe

Hyangnam International Cafe

hic - Hadware Interface Control Framework

Hadware Interface Control Framework