HFS+ Driver Installer for Windows

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Simple utility to install Read-Only HFS+ Driver to read Mac partitions from Windows.




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Hfs-recovery - Bruteforce HFS+ Recovery

A bruteforce HFS+ recovery tool, useful when the most import blocks on your disk is gone. Does not need Header node, Catalog header, or B-Tree header. But does involve some manual searching.

Minibackup-linux - A mini linux system ,which contian partimage/partclone ,used to backup/restore th

minibackup-linux: A mini linux system (it's size is less than 10M),used to save or restore partition ,with a TUI, base on partclone/partimage. And contians fsarchiver/mc.The partclone-gzip and partclone-lzo compress mode support multi-core CPU. This system only include two files: the kernel ,and the compressed rootfs. File System : partclone:fat(12/16/32),ext(2/3/4),ntfs,xfs,hfs,hfsplus partimage:fat(16/32),ext(2/3),ntfs,xfs,hfs,jfs,ufs,hpfs fsarchiver:In theorety, support all filesystem that sy

hfsplus - planetbeing's hfsplus

planetbeing's hfsplus

Atvusb-creator - USB flash drive creator for the AppleTV

The uber USB flash drive creator for the AppleTV. Creates USB flash drive based installers that include patchstick, factory restore and various LInux distributions. Brought to you by the creators of atv-bootloader and many others. The Intel/PPC OSX version of atvusb-creator. The Windows XP/Vista interim solution atv-win Note that the current version is atvusb-creator-1.0.b13 and atv-win-3.0.zip This version is comes with ssh, bin tools, and two plugins (XBMC/Boxee Installer/Launcher and Software

dmg2img - Tool to convert Apple's compressed DMG to standard (hfsplus) disk image file

Tool to convert Apple's compressed DMG to standard (hfsplus) disk image file

hfsplus-tools - Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems

Tools to create/check Apple HFS+ filesystems

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