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HeadCounter is a raid attendance and loot tracking application for World of Warcraft.




Related Projects

JASS Tools

Tools for parsing and analyzing the JASS scripting language, which used for scripting Maps and AI files in Blizzard Entertainment's (R) Warcraft III (R).


"MaNGOS" is a full featured World of Warcraft server, including authentication, client updates, and world content serving. Compatible with World of Warcraft client 3.3.5a (build 12340).

api-wow-docs - Documentation for the World of Warcraft web APIs.

Documentation for the World of Warcraft web APIs.


Warkeys is a supplemental program that works with Warcraft III to customize the CustomKeys.txt for Warcraft III using a Windows GUI. The program Warkeys is based on the concept of Keycraft made for previous versions of Warcraft III.

Dkponrails - WoW DKP on Rails!

This project will be a DKP system for World of Warcraft written in Ruby on Rails.

Pldkp - dkp site

Experimental dkp site development for world of warcraft using Zend and MySQL

Eqdkp-raidgroups - DKP summary report plugin

Allows your guild to track dkp per instance or collection of instances on the Standings page. See http://sk.blacktower.com/rap for an example.

Dmzdkp - A DKP tool from DMZ-Gaming

WHY dmzdkp?We believe that people who invest the most should have the greatest reward. We believe that a good DKP system is smart enough to be fair, yet simple to use. We believe that raid selection and DKP tools should help you resolve conflicts, not start them. We have developed a DKP system that rewards effort, like EPGP; is non-inflationary, like Zero-sum; never needs to be reset; avoids the instability of Suicide Kings or bidding systems, and is acessible to all. This system was developed b