Heterogeneous Data Centre

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The Heterogeneous Data Centre project supersedes the Materials Data Centre, a JISC-funded initiative to build an infrastructure for materials scientists and engineers to publish their experimental data online. The HDC can support data from any discipline, not just engineering.




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GNUbatch is a job scheduler to run under Unix and GNU/Linux operating systems. It executes jobs at specified dates and times or according to dependencies or interlocks defined by the user. Schedules of jobs may be run on just one processor, or shared across several processors on a network with network-wide dependencies. Access to jobs and other facilities may be restricted to one user or several users in a group as required.

Python4bash - Python Programming Examples for Bash Scripters

Learning Python For Bash Scripters It turns out it is a huge secret that Python is easier to program in and more powerful than Bash. These code examples are meant to help solve that problem. If you feel intimidated by Object Oriented programming, don't, it is optional in Python. You don't even need to know Bash that well, Python is easy, jump right in! There are five scripts in the subversion repository, the first four scripts produce identical output and do identical things in Python and Bash.

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What is PyDock?Pydock is a simple dock bar that tracks open windows under Windows XP and Vista. The Executable has no dependencies and runs right out of the box. It aims to be configurable, portable and light weight. PyDock is still under heavy development (alpha code) and thus may have a few bugs. Source can be found at http://pydock.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/. 9/16/2007 - Small Bugfix for Window Detection CURRENT 0.8 Current Specs (0.8): Tracks Open Windows Allows Minimize, Maximize and Restore

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This modern (=case-sensitive) clisp package module is a interface to gdi, the lowest level ms windows graphics api (Graphics Device Interface). It is a work in progress, and is copyright Dan Stanger 2002 and Reini Urban 2006-2009 It is licensed under the LGPL and all rights are assigned to the Free Software Foundation. Old style: (use-package "GDI")(defun f () (let* ((hdc (multiple-value-bind (retval h) (GDI::GetDC nil) (if retval h (error "GetDC ~S" h)))) (sy (multiple-value-bind (retval l) (GD