HART Analyzer

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HART Analyzer is a tool to monitor the HART protocol between field devices and your PC. It used Hart Communication Protocol Lite for the communication.




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MantisBT - Bug Tracking System in PHP

MantisBT is a web-based bug tracking system written in the PHP and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. It supports multiple projects in a single instance. Its features set include Full text search, Built in Reports, Custom fields, Change History, RSS Feeds, Export to csv, Excel, Word, Upload attachments, Wiki Integration ,LDAP Integration, SOAP interface, Support for mobile devices, localization support and lot more.

ProGuard Java Optimizer and Obfuscator

Java class file shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier


Opera is fast secure and easy to use. It could be used in PC, Mobile and devices. The browser is free but the SDK and its addons are <A HREF="http://dev.opera.com/" target="_blank">open source BSD license.</A>

BACnet I/P for Java

A high-performance implementation of the BACnet I/P protocol written for Java (minimum version 1.5) by Serotonin Software. Supports all BACnet services and full message segregation. Can be used for field devices or for control platforms.

HART Toolbox for Scilab/Scicos

The HART (Hardware Access in Real-Time) Toolbox can be used to generate Scicos-blocks for hardware that have a C/C++ interface. The blocks can be used under Linux for soft and hard real time tasks (RTAI). Blocks are provided for DAQ (COMEDI).


MediaFS is FUSE-based filesystem for remote access to local removable ressources/devices (cdrom,usb,...) using X11-authentication and HAL/DBus-support. It's main application fields are thin-clients / terminalservers

Irun - iRun - chart my run

iRun is a website where users can record results from their runs as well as other sport activities. iRun keeps track of important stats (i.e. best times or max hart rate). It also produces various charts i.e. how your average hart rate changes over time, how many miles you run in a week etc.

Bitsand - Online booking system for live role-play events

Bitsand is an online booking system for live role play events. It was initially written for the Lions faction in the LT system, but it can now be used by any faction or guild. There is also a version for Maelstrom player events. Bitsand is known to be in use by: Bears Gryphons Harts Jackals Lions Militia Guild Scouts Guild Vipers Copyright of Bitsand is owned by the Bitsand Project (ie the people listed as project owners)