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HAP Python Remote Debugger

A python IDE with remote debugging capability.

Hap11 - hap project

hap SVN project

Snppy-code - Hybrid script database system using the Python SQLAlchemy library coupled with the Post

Background: We describe SNPpy, a hybrid script database system using the Python SQLAlchemy library coupled with the PostgreSQL database to manage genotype data from Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS). This system makes it possible to merge study data with HapMap data, and merge across studies for meta-analyses, including data filtering based on the values of phenotype and Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) data. SNPpy and its dependencies are open source software. Results: The current vers


A program to model HapMap haplotypes in genetic association studies using tag SNP genotypes. Please visit http://www.ucd.ie/genepi/hapmixmap for more details.

Eartrainer - an Ear Trainer App for andriod

provides a quiz and resources to hap a user become more musically inclined

Springnet - Java Web Project

IntroductionMantech Limited wants to implement Customer Helpdesk Management for Technical Support. It is encountered that there are too many requests. The registration of these complaints/queries is manual which involves filling of complaint forms and maintaining records on paper. For the past few months they have been facing problems with this process. Due to the problems they have felt the need for a change in their system. It has been observed that there are a lot of Transactions that are hap

Fossevents - fossevent.in foss event directory

Fossevents.in is com­ing up nicely , it has been lying dor­mant for almost a year now it has seen some day of the light thanks to the sup­port from community . my vision of fossevents.in was only one and when we started , i was away from orga­niz­ing and run­ning com­mu­nity activ­i­ties for long and when i came back i see the land­scape has totally changed , there are events hap­pen­ing all around you and you are not aware of the event which could be hap­pen­ing right there in yo

Hapmap-filter-v1 - HapMap Filter 1.0

Abstract The International HapMap Project provides a resource of genotypic data on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which can be used in various association studies to identify the genetic determinants for phenotypic variations. Prior to the association studies, the HapMap dataset should be preprocessed in order to reduce the computation time and control the multiple testing problem. The less informative SNPs including those with very low genotyping rate and SNPs with rare minor allele fr

Fstsnp-hapmap3 - A database of SNPs with High Population Differentiation for HapMap3

Abstract The International HapMap Project has recently made available genotypes and frequency data for phase 3 (NCBI build 36, dbSNP b129) of the HapMap providing an enriched genotype dataset for approximately 1.6 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) from 1,115 individuals with ancestry from parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Mexico. In the present study, we aim to facilitate pharmacogenetics studies by providing a database of SNPs with high population differentiation thr

Phantomproject - Enhancing learning through haptics

About the Project The aim of the hapTEL project (Haptics Technology Enhanced Learning) is to develop and evaluate haptic and synthetic online devices that will be used by a range of dental students and professionals to transform the quality of their learning. Haptics is the study of human touch and interaction with the external environment via touch. hapTEL will involve working with a wide range of students who are either studying to become dentists or dental practitioners (dental nurses, hygien