HaozesFx(China Mobile Fetion tool)

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A tool about China Mobile Fetion,written by C#,you can use it to send text message of weather report regularly, receive/send Gmail, control your PC, send Google Buzz,etc. And you can develop more plugin for it too.




Related Projects

Py-fetion - A Python module for CMCC Fetion.

PyFetion is a Python module for China Mobile Communication Corporation Fetion. It is based on Libfetion.

Fetion-on-ruby - ruby client for fetion

ruby client for fetion usage: $ruby Fetion.rb Mobile_Number Password

Pyfetion-s60 - Mini Fetion base on PyS60

PyFetion is a sample toolkit that can send Fetion.

Pyfetion - A pure python fetion

China Mobile Fetion IM, use python impl it!

Clfetion - command line fetion

command line fetion of linux, help people to use fetion in linux Convenient

Momofetion - python Fetion CLI based on lib PyFetion

MOMOFetionpython fetion named MOMOfetion V1.0 CLI based on PyFetion(cocobear) by PopA @IS@SJTU Contactpopacai@gmail.com linkmomo_main_prg

Fetion-sdk - 飞信 VCL/COM 控件