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This library hopes to provide an minimal abstraction from the Guild Wars 2 API using a Caching scheme to reduce network traffic and allow persistent data.



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GW2 Soundtrack Editor

Provides a Graphical User Interface to the soundtrack editing feature in Guild Wars 2. Allows you to customize what music will be played at any situation in the game.

Wuverlay - A WvW Overlay for GW2

An overlay for the game Guild Wars 2 to display useful information obtained from the public API.

gw2spidy - GW2Spidy - Guild Wars 2 Tradingpost Graphs

GW2Spidy - Guild Wars 2 Tradingpost Graphs

Gwcadotnet - .NET Class Library for the Guild Wars Client API

This project has since been abandoned. If anyone wants to take over, by all means, please contact me and do so. Until Guild Wars 2... glhf! GWCA.NET is essentially nothing more than an easy to use class library that makes working with GWCA in .NET simple. Latest Version is v0.50.230.0 (BETA NamedPipes branch - 2010.3.18) See the NamedPipes branch on SVN for latest version! At this current time, the sole purpose of this project is to provide a bare-bones equivalent to the GWCAConstants.au3 that A

Copasi-simple-api - Simple API for COPASI

A Simple API for COPASI This code is a C interface to the Copasi C++ library. This library can be used to read and write Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) files and simulate them using deterministic or stochastic simulation. Additional analysis, such as computing eigenvalues and steady states, can also be performed. The models can also be constructed using C function calls such as cCreateSpecies(...) and cCreateReaction(...). Antimony scripts can also be used to load models. The structural

Top4net - 淘�开放平�.NET版SDK

设计原则容易维护扩展(ä¸�需è¦�修改主类就å�¯ä»¥æ·»åŠ æ–°çš„API支æŒ�) 注入型解释器(ä¾�æ�®ä¸�å�Œçš„返回格å¼�注入相应的解释器) 集中管ç�†è¯·æ±‚å�‚数与å�‚数映射 使用泛型æ�¥å�šå¼ºç±»åž‹ç¼–程 基于纯.NET 2.0çš„XML与JSON解释器实现 多å��议扩展支æŒ�(REST, RPC, SOAP, etc) 设计类图 扩展方å¼�实现ITopRequest类,覆盖其中的GetParameterså’ŒGetApiName方法 实现ITopParser类,覆盖其中的Parse方法。 环境ä¾�赖需è¦�è¿

Top4java - 淘�开放平�JAVA版SDK

设计原则容易维护扩展(�需�修改主类就�以添加新的API支�) 注入型解释器(����的返回格�注入相应的解释器) 集中管�请求�数与�数映射 以�行时异常的方��管�错误的�应 使用泛型��强类型编程 多�议扩展支�(REST, RPC, SOAP, etc) 设计类图 扩展方�实现TopRequest类,覆盖其中的getApiName和getTextParams方法 实现TopParser类,覆盖其中的parse方法 环境�赖JDK 1.5

Mingw-builds - Snapshots and releases builds of MinGW compiler

Update from 2012.04.18Project moved to Update from 2012.04.02The project mingw-builds provides the builds of GCC compiler for Windows 32/64 bit. Up to now, the project was providing builds with two types of implementation of the exceptions: 1)dwarf, 2)sjlj. The builds that use dwarf, will be excluded from the future builds of the project mingw-builds. This is due to two reasons: for windows OS, dwarf is a foreign way to implement the exception

Php-xpay - PHP Class for interacting with SecureTrading payment gateway.

IntroductionPlease note: this project is not an official SecureTrading Ltd. code. This class establishes a connection with the XPay Java client and submits transaction requests in XML format. Then it collects and processes the XML response to extract the transaction result. The XPay Java client must be running on the same machine as PHP or some other machine reachable via TCP connection. By default it connects to XPay client at If you want to use different host/port initialize th