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a collection of developer tools to assist developers on Windows (Trace, mkProject, WebWalker and SynthFastCGI)



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Mvcnet - MVC framework for ASP.NET

An opensource implementation of MVC pattern for ASP.NET. The project is currently under development and is approaching its first public release. Big thanks to: Peter Waldschmidt of Gnoso for donating a license of NCover Professional. Simon Atanasyan of VisualSVN Team for donating a license of VisualSVN.

Svnaccount - VisualSVN Server的用户�户管�

目�实现: 实现用户在线修改svn密� 实现用户在线创建新�� 支�Apache自身的Basic文件方�认�和基于windows�户信�的认�修改。 需求平�软件: Windows OS Apache版本 2.2.9 Net Framework 2.0 技术应用: NTLM,LADP WebClient with SSL jQuery XSLT 其他: �置用于程�使用的系统管�员�户资料 GAC(Global Assembly Cache)目录中注册Apache的aspdotnet模� 实现图例: 创建�户: 修改�户:

Asucse011g13 - Arabic OCR, with a bit of this and a bit of that

This is a simple Arabic OCR with predefined Lexicon. A graduation project for CSE, ASU,Egypt. The version control is provided by: VisualSVN at

Visualsvn-to-pivotal-hook - VisualSVN post-commit hook for pivotal tracker

This is a simple C#.NET executable that serves as a VisualSVN Post-commit hook to the Pivotal Tracker API to send commit messages for Pivotal Tracker "stories". Setup drop svn-post-commit.exe in %VISUALSVN_SERVER%\\bin\\ directory with proper permissions acquire your Pivotal Tracker API Token from the Profile section to be used in Post-commit arguments below add to VisualSVN Post-commit hook on specific repositories:"%VISUALSVN_SERVER%\\bin\\svn-post-commit.exe" "<TOKEN>" "%2" %2more details on

Filechunker - File Chunker

File ChunkerI'm working on this project as a complement to my studies at CIn/UFPE. Screenshot This project uses VisualSVN

Domainmodelvalidator - .NET Validation Framework

PROJECT SUSPENDED OverviewI did some research into validation frameworks whilst working on an ASP.NET MVC project and could not find one that fit my needs.I decided to do what developers do best - write yet another framework.The purpose of this project is to create a lightweight .NET validation framework that enables to following scenario: Given the following domain object representation: public class Customer{ public string Name { get; set; } public string Email { get; set; } public string Date

Moq - The simplest mocking library for .NET and Silverlight

var mock = new Mock<ILoveThisFramework>();// WOW! No record/replay weirdness?! :)mock.Setup(framework => framework.DownloadExists("")) .Returns(true) .AtMostOnce();// Hand mock.Object as a collaborator and exercise it, // like calling methods on it...ILoveThisFramework lovable = mock.Object;bool download = lovable.DownloadExists("");// Verify that the given method was indeed called with the expected valuemock.Verify(framework => framework.DownloadExists(""));Checkout the Qui

Svn-changes-finder - small utility to find when a “string� you are looking for is changed

Everyone knows how cool of a software svn is.Along with tools like visualsvn, tortoisesvn,ankh svn,svn monitor it makes you feel happy all day as with out being worried about your data.Like everyone else programmer/developers uses svn a lot in their daily routine for keeping revisions of their source files alongs with any other documentaion.When you want to find a change a colleague made in a file or wonder when that change is made, you have to almost reap through all the revisions of the file a