ASP.Net MVC ???? (MVC4,EF 5.0)

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?????VS2012 C# 4.5 +ASP.Net MVC 4.0 + EF5 codefirst ?????Windows Server 2008 + .net framework v4.5 ????SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/Compact 4.0?



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Defensive DatasourceSome ASP.NET controls, such as DataGrid, expect all the elements of the DataSource collection to have the same type when you call the control's DataBind method. Sometimes, the restriction seems to be a bit looser: if the collection is not an ITypedList, then for each property of the first element in the collection, the control will expect to find that property on every element in the collection. Either way, it's inconvenient, and it happens even if you have AutoGenerateColumn

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Formosa is a library to process user input from untrusted sources, a problem admittedly already widely addressed by countless other libraries. Formosa, however, brings a number of things to the table not found in other form processing libraries, in hopes of solving very common sources of grief for developers. Dramatis PersonaeFields translate zero or more values from a mapping (typically strings from a MultiDict given in an HTTP request) into a single atomic Python value of a particular type (or

Xssterminate - xss_terminate is a Rails plugin that automatically removes XSS from models when they

xss_terminatexss_terminate is a plugin in that makes stripping and sanitizing HTML stupid-simple. Install and forget. And forget about forgetting to h() your output, because you won‘t need to anymore. But xss_terminate is also flexible. By default, it will strip all HTML tags from user input. This is usually what you want, but sometimes you need users to be able to enter HTML. The plugin allows you remove bad HTML with your choice of two whitelist-based sanitizers, or to skip HTML sanitization