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Welcome to the new comprehensive Groove search tool. It is a search tool, specially designed for Groove 3.5 and 2007. It gives you search results which are directly linked to the tools in Groove. This is the first beta version 1 release.



Related Projects


Graph transformation, model transformation, object-oriented verification, behavioural semantics


GrooveSharp is an MP3 Player built in WPF. Information is stored in an SQLite database exposed by Stormy.

Turnip-town - Various wxPython code modules, mostly related to GrooveWalrus

SummaryVarious wxPython code modules, mostly related to GrooveWalrus. How to build and run (Windows), see: ProgrammingEnvironment. Screenshots

Testngroove - Test'N'Groove represents the integration of TestNG testing framework and Groov

Test'N'Groove (read as in Test and Groove) is the integration of Groovy ( and TestNG ( This enables writting TestNG test directly in Groovy scripting language. Note: starting with revision 5068 (2007-02-15), Groovy has full support for annotation usage. Considering this, an integration with TestNG was imminent, so here it is.

Easy-garena - Easy Garena

Easy GarenaVisit our twitter page:!/d3_groove' ToDoFix bot's DLLImports Add inmem multiclient and exp patch

Auto-wallpaper-changer - A small program that changes your wallpaper automatically, written in Groov

A small program that changes your wallpaper automatically. Pictures are downloaded from web.


OpenGroove is now hosted at Google Code. See for info. OpenGroove's official website is

Officecircuit - A cheap yet powerful E-office solution for small and medium businesses.

Small and medium businesses often have the needs of an E-office system that help them manage employees, paperworks, finance, and projects. Although, one can achieve this by using the combination of lots of Microsoft products including Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server, Office System Server, Groove Server etc., the cost is extremely expensive, sometimes even deadly for small and medium businesses. On the other hand, those business solutions from Microsoft are de

Openc1 - Open Source remake of the classic 1997 Carmageddon by Stainless Software.

Open Source remake of the classic 1997 Carmageddon by Stainless Software. Heres some of the implemented features: Vehicle physics implemented using PhysX.Net All race features including checkpoints and laps Funks (texture animations) Grooves (model animations) NonCars (bendable, breakable track objects) Opponents including paths Pedestrians including animations and paths 3D lighting can be enabled/disabled Vehicle cockpits Sounds Menus and UI Fonts

Roadster - Mobile content management for Firefox and XULRunner

Content management systems such as Plone provide a rich set of services. How much of that could be taken into an offline client for content management and design? This project looks at using Firefox (specifically XULRunner) to create an offline client for one or more sites. Also in scope is a "studio" type environment for defining content types and creating themes. As such, it is inspired by Notes and Groove. Implicit in this is investigation into new ideas: bringing a WSGI/Paster approach to PO