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graph drawing



Related Projects

Netron Reloaded

Generic diagramming, graph-drawing and graph-layout kit for the Microsoft .Net framework - inheriting from the original Netron project

Acts-as-node - This is Rails plugin for graph drawing of models.

This is Rails plugin for graph drawing of models. It enables you render a graph drawing (with 2 different layouts, available) based on the relationships of the models underneath.

Reduction-visualizer - A tool for visualization of reduction graphs

Project movedThe reduction-visualizer project has been moved to a new location under a new name:

Mago - Area minimization in orthogonal graph drawings

M.A.G.O is an application which allows the definition of graph orthogonal structures and some moving operations of knots with the goal of minimize the area covered by knots and their arcs. The application defines the operation for building and representation of elements such as knots, segments, arcs, bends and the relations among them. M.A.G.O. is developed in C and allows the visualization on screen thanks to OpenGL library and pdf printing thanks to gl2ps library

Graphvis - 3D Graph Visualization Tool

GraphVis3D is a tool for graph visualization and editing in 3D. It's capable to work with graphs up to several thousands vertexes in real time. A short description and a user manual are available (rus only). Some screenshots: Classic Zachary's karate club graph with auto-calculated drawing aesthetics: Scientific collaboration network (, |V|=379, |E|=914) Video introduction

Gteditor - A graph editor for graph theoretical problems

The purpose of the graph editor is to make it fast and easy to draw graphs, perform some simple operations on graphs and export graphs to useful �le formats etc. The graph editor can also be used to study the structure of graphs by moving it’s parts around in an intuitive way. The program is developed in the programming language Java and thereby platform independent. The program uses a lot of open source software libraries. In particular it uses the JGraph which is a software library for gra

Nodeviz - Framework for displaying interactive network graphs in modern browsers.

NodeViz includes PHP code for managing assembling relational data on a server, formatting it for Graphviz network layout, sending SVG or JPG versions of the network to client, JavaScript classes for embedding network graph image and associated lists in client web page, as well as methods and events for zooming, panning, highlighting and other interactions. Please take a look at the overview and list of features. Some demos are located at NodeViz was written by Greg Michalec

Ontoviz - OntoViz: a visual browser for ontologies

OntoViz is an attempt to enable the user to visually browse and navigate large and complex ontologies containing millions of terms and various relationships between them.The back-ends in terms ontology specification currently supported are:1. Ontology via a web service2. Ontology stored in a local/remote database3. Ontology stored in a fileFurther work is under way to support distributed back-ends.OntoViz also has features to display the metadata or tags associated with the terms and relationshi