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An open source image segmentation tool which uses the graphcut algorithm. More will follow...



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Santai - a Image segmentation editor

a image segmentation editor which using watershed and graph cut

Segmentationgraphcut - GraphCut Segmentation

Graphcut Segmentation ProjectImplementation of the article Star Shape Prior for Graph-Cut Image Segmentation Olga Veksler University of Western Ontario London, Canada AbstractThe article deals with segmentation by Graph-Cut with using prior knowledge from the object. This algorithm uses a classic Graph-Cut method, but also imposes that the result object has a star shape. A star-shape surface is a surface which has the following property: for each point of the surface, the segment between this po

Graphcuts - Image segmentation using graph cuts

GraphCutsA GUI and batch capable software for easy and versatile image segmentation. Graph cuts are used for segmentation with several models (GMD, NN, ANN) available. The application is build using QT4 and has been compiled successfully with Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Mac OS-X and Windows. This software was created during a student research project at I6, RWTH Aachen, Germany.

Pixellabel - labels an image using alpha expansion algorithm

a students' project from Holon Institute of Technology. It labels a grayscale image to a set of colors using the max-flow algorithm

Object-classification-experiments - Experiments on image object classification

This project implements: Biologically inspired model of Serre-Wolf-Poggio ( and a number of variations with the model. (Note: there are technical differences with the original Serre et al, implementation ). Unsupervised normalized graph cut (Shi-Malik algorithm) based clustering technique (Split-Merge approach). This can be used for grouping images returned by a search engine into categories close to the perceived ones. Down

Neurons - Detection, tracking, segmentation, and delineation of neurons in microscopic images and vi

Detection, tracking, segmentation, and delineation of neurons in microscopic images and videos. Computer Vision Laboratory (CVLab) at École Polytechnique Fédérale de LausanneCVLAB actively collaborate with a group of neuroscientists in an effort to better understand how the brain develops and functions. Today, neuroscientists employ many types of microscopy techniques in their research, ranging from simple brightfield and confocal microscopes to more advanced phase contrast techniques to stat

Morethantechnical - code respository

More Than is our blog. We talk about the internet, web, mobile phones, and more. In this project you'll find code from all sorts of projects, created by us on Follow us on Twitter Source Code AvailableAndroid First Steps Face Detector for iPhone NyARToolkit C++ NyARToolkit iPhone QT_FFmpeg video OpenGL plugin for AviSynth RunVas - GeekCon09 project Implementing PTAM OpenCV Android object detection OpenCV OpenGL AR Image recoloring with GMMs I

graphcut - codes for graphcuts, the higher-order mrf etc.

codes for graphcuts, the higher-order mrf etc.

pycat - Interactive 3D Graph-Cut

Interactive 3D Graph-Cut