Grants Manager

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Grants Manager is a solution accelerator designed to help government organizations and educational institutions to quickly deploy a grant management system and customize it to their needs. Each deployment will require tailoring to the specific needs of the organization.



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REMUS-Reference Monitor for Unix Systems

REMUS is a kernel module for Linux, which controls the invocation of critical system calls. The execution is granted only if the invoking process and the value of the arguments are found in an Access Control Database managed by the sysctl command

Filetopia Bouncer

[discontinued, who wants me?] A bouncer for connections to the p2p network Filetopias server. Hiding your IP, it grant even more anonymity then filetopia does already.

Cardiac Atlas Project

The aim of the cardiac atlas project is to establish a structural and functional atlas of the heart. This project is funded by the NIH grant and led by the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Grantmanager - A Java grant tracking management

This project will keep track of grants for a research center

Lsnc-google-api - Code models for integrating core Google Apps with the Pika case management system.

LSNC Google API ProjectThe LSNC Google API Project is a national demonstration project funded by the LSC Technology Initiative Grants Program. This project is maintained by Legal Services of Northern California (LSNC), a ten-office legal aid program serving low-income clients in 23 counties in the upper third of California. The project will demonstrate how open source Google APIs can be used for practical integration of the Google Apps platform with open source case management systems used by le


Integrating a Grants Manager and an Employment Bureau Uburyo, a sustainable mini-loans system, will help academic institutions from developing countries to administrate subventions in order to grow economically and get more and more students.

Enterprise SharePoint Patterns

Enterprise SharePoint Patterns. Tools for the Professional SharePoint Architect and Engineer. SharePoint site templates designed for rapid development.

Grantmaker - A business system for foundations and non profit organizations who grant funds and meas

Grantmaker is a system to help organizations grant money and measure the results of the grant. The project attempts to solve a few known issues in the grantmaking space: Organizations rarely have the capacity to design, build and deploy technology to manage grants. While money may not be a problem, time most definitely is at a premium. Many organizations need to deploy a solution quickly in order to modernize their grantmaking processes. While grant processes appear to be unique to every grantma

Fmp-cs485-group1 - Community Service tracking software; management of Community Development Block Gr

Software development for Feed My People in Eau Claire, WI. Project date: Fall 2010 - Winter 2010 Project 1: Community Service - Maintainance Project 2: Community Development Block Grant - New


Webfilemanger, written in OO-Php, with fulltext retrieval capabilities (just for PDF files at the moment...). Interface similar to explorer/konqueror, with tree structure on the left side. mod_mysql_auth integrated to grant user control, and OWASP ph