IFSS Gradebook Generator

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Populates an Excel gradebook template for teachers using an Access database of students




Related Projects


GradeL is a desktop gradebook application for Linux. It was designed by a teacher for teachers. GradeL uses a spreadsheet-like main interface and provides various reporting options. GradeL requires Gambas 2.

openSIS - Student Information System

openSIS is a student information system sponsored by Open Solutions for Education, Inc. Its features include Student Demographic, Goals and Progresses, Contact Information, Gradebook, Report Cards management, Health Records management, Attendance management, Parent Portal and lot more.

LetoLMS (formerly Paidei)

LetoLMS is a web-based, enterprise-wide classroom and campus management system. Developed in conjunction with educators, the system provides rich functionality for students, teachers and administrators, including forums, gradebook, exams, chat, etc.

My-gradebook - An online Gradebook application

A web application that will allow an instructor to manage grades and students.

Qdeanslist - A gradebook and time scheduling program.

A gradebook and time scheduling program written in c++ using qt.

Your-gradebook - An online Gradebook application

A web application that allows an instructor to manage grades and students.

Gradebook2 - A gradebook tool written in Django.

This gradebook tool is meant to record grades for large classes of students. Its being developed in Django.

Schooldatabase - Application to manage a school's gradebook

Java application designed to manage students and grades for a jr. high or high school

Woodlawn-grade-book - A win32 app similar to a grade book

This project was started my Sr. year in highschool in an attempt to mimic the standard grade book application software functions that my teachers use. The code will be written in C++ (c plus plus) more to come as I think of it. :) Project was scrapped.

Hartman-wemes-cecs550 - CECS 550

A web baised gradebook and attendance organizer.