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GPCompute is an old CUDA-like but Based on DX81 (or later) for compatibility with almost any current Videocards. It's Developped in C/C++. With Simple Interface for Arrayed-Computations. The Limitation all came from its DX version implemention.



Related Projects

Curoda - Interface for GPGPU

Purpose of this project is to develop an easiest interface to GPGPU (General Purpose Graphic Processor Unit) programming. I will implement an interface for CUDA.


Optix.NET is a .NET wrapper for the Nvidia Optix GPU ray-tracing library.

Pygwa - A GPGPU computations framework for Python

PyGWA is library providing a set of tools for general purpose GPU computing. It is intended to be (relatively) easy to use and support various devices / frameworks but currently it supports AMD Stream SDK only and is heavily influenced by its 'streaming' philosophy. Other frameworks (hopefully) will be supported in the future.

Sw-gpu - Smith-Waterman for GPGPU

Efficient implementation of Smith-Waterman algorithm in CUDA and OpenCL. So far I've released CUDA kernels but other parts (like command line tool to run the kernel and OpenCL kernel for ATI hardware) of the program will follow soon... ;) for GPU-GEMS kernels see Downloads

Nemerlecl - .NET binding to OpenCL

NemerleCL is a .NET object oriented wrapper for OpenCL 1.0 plain C API.

C++ AMP RNG Library

C++ AMP RNG Library is a library of Random Number Generators that C++ AMP developers can freely use in their own projects.