Gorynych - Advanced diversity for FPV ground station

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Diversity "Gorynych" is the next step in FPV ground station automation. Support 1-4 videoRx, both normal and reversed RSSI in any combinations. Video and Audio channels are switched simultaneously and all data is transmitted in realtime to the ground station via UART.




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Quadrotor UAV - Capabilities: 1) Autonomous hover (GPS for position hold Barometer for altitude hold) 2) GPS waypoint navigation 3) In-flight stabilization 4) FPV flight 5) Magnetometer for heading determination

Poor-mens-diversity - Low-cost FPV/Video diversity and Antenna tracking

This project is a low-cost FPV/Video diversity receiver and antenna tracking based on Arduino Pro mini. You can connect 2 to 4 RSSI based Videoreceivers. The antenna tracking is in development! I will keep it very simple. No GPS or any componets in the plane are used. Only RSSI values and different antennas wich are turned when one has a bad signal. All 4 values are displayed on an LCD.

Quaduino - A new project to build a cheaper, better quadrocopter

Objectives: Develop a quad that will hover 2. Add support for additional sensors (pressure, GPS, collision avoidance) 3. Tweak/replace the filter and control loop until it is capable of aerobatics 4. Add completely autonomous functionality (waypoint following, etc) 5. On-screen display for FPV

Super-osd - On Screen Display for PAL and NTSC video signals

Super OSD is an on screen display intended primarily for model aircraft with FPV systems. It is an open hardware project. The firmware and the hardware are both open source. In brief, an on screen display embeds telemetry information onto a video signal. Super OSD is intended to be used with FPV systems, and can display many types of data on a video signal. It works with both PAL and NTSC video signals. Originally, two projects were planned: a Lite version and a Pro version. The Lite version is

Cl-osd - Open Source OSD for E-OSD and G-OSD

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