Google Apps Backup Tool

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Google Apps backup tool is the best online backup application that assists user to make a backup of backup of emails from Google Apps account & convert it.



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A Dashboard widget for Mac OS X 10.4 (and now 10.5) that displays the number of unread email messages in a GMail (or Google Apps) account. It has a simple and easy to use interface. Now supports different colored backgrounds.

Comicaster - Comicaster - The Comic Focused CMS

Comicaster is a simple comic blog style content management system. Comicaster started life as a fork of cpedialog and approcket - many thanks to those two projects! From there it was pruned-back and grown in a direction focused on addressing the needs of an artist/team providing a web comic and to the user experience of the readers. This is the software that runs my web comic: Art Geek Zoo. Installing Comicaster: The ChecklistGet a released version of Comicaster at

Rudy - Rudy: Not your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool.

Rudy - v0.9 BETANot your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool. Rudy is a development and deployment tool for EC2. It helps you build and maintain infrastructures by organizing them into groups of zones, environments, and roles. By making it quick and easy to build infrastructures, Rudy makes it feasible to run environments only for the time that you need them. All configuration is organized into this hierarchy so you can define properties (machine image, machine type, IP address, etc...) by role, b

Googlevoice-gae - Google voice unoffical api for Google App Engine

Want to join this project? Just send email to me. or twitter me Google voice unoffical api for Google App Engine.

Resumerobotgae - GAE Project using Java

Google App Engine application using Java. Uses Authentication, Email Services, DAO Services, GWT, Google MAPs API, Google Spreadsheet API.

Gvpush4pager - Google Voice Notifications for Pagers

This project is the code and instructions for settings up a Google App Engine app to forward Google Voice notifications to a pager through email. July 13, 2011 - Version 0.5.0 was just released as the initial port from gvpush4ios

Shaeeta - To try out Google App Engine

This project will host source codes for my Google App Engine sites. Eventually I like to publish this test codes as tutorials for Google users.

Google-apps-manager - Dito Google Apps Manager

Google Apps Manager (GAM) is a command line tool which allows Administrators to control their Google Apps domain and accounts. With GAM you can create users, turn on/off services for users like POP and Forwarding and much more. New Users can read the Getting Started Guide

Google-apps-provisioning-api-client - Google Apps Provisioning API v1.0 Client Libraries

Google Apps domain administrators can use the Provisioning API v1.0 client libraries to manage their user accounts, nicknames and email lists. The Provisioning API v2.0 client libraries are included with the Google data API client libraries.

Gae-datastore-backup-utility - The Google App Engine Datastore Backup Utility is an application that

The Google App Engine Datastore Backup UtilityEasy backup GUI for the Google App Engine datastore. Please submit bugs! (2/17/2010) Please note that this was built based on the 1.2.5 API from October 2009. I am not currently working on this application. Feel free to submit code fixes to keep it up to date.Technologies used in the applicationWPF C# Python XML Google App Engine SDK Note: Currently this application is only for Windows Platforms. If there is enough interest I can port this applicatio