GoDarting by Harsh Maurya

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A funny little darts game




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Dart Scorekeeper

Dart Scorekeeper is a freeware Windows application to assist in scoring dart games and tracking statistics. It includes a scoring window, graphical dart board, and displays real-time stats. It supports the dart games of Cricket, 301/501/etc., and Golf.

Odsb - Online Dart Score Coard

Online dart score board that allow you te play the different dart games and keep score within a browser.

StageXL - A library for graphically rich content like games in HTML5, based on the Flash API.

A library for graphically rich content like games in HTML5, based on the Flash API.

Gp-air-nugg-viewer - Adobe AIR application that allow you to analyse off-line abap source code.

Adobe AIR application that allow you to analyse/watch off-line abap source code. The abap source code must be in the XML-NUGG format. To extract the Abap source code from your R/3 system, you need to use the super tool: SAPLINK. The application was developped using FLEX.

Dartmonkey - Windows Darts Application

Allows for both practice sessions and player vs. player games (multiplayer over internet planned in future) for common dart games. Ex. Cricket, 301, 501, Screw Your Neighbor, Around The World, etc. Keeps track of average marks per turn, average points per turn, wins/losses, highest out, highest on, etc.

Spike-prover - a theorem prover

The SPIKE ProverSPIKE is an automated theorem prover based on 'Descente Infinie' induction. It is written in Objective Caml. SPIKE's user manual is under development. If you don't want to wait until its release, you can find below a list of recent publications (starting from 2000) about or related to SPIKE. This list is NOT exhaustive. NEW !!! We deliver a zip file including the source files of Spike integrating the DRaCuLa strategy. We added some specification examples used to certify the valid

Martinpersson-darts - I use this program to communicate with a soft tip dart board

This program communicates with the dart board through a virtual com-port. I'm using the FT232 usb -> serial converter and an arduino connected to the dart board matrix. The software is written in XNA and is currently under development. For more details on the setup, check out my blog: http://www.martinpersson.org/2010/08/electronic-darts-board-to-pc/ Todo: Comment code Add Master In/Out Options. With Master Out enabled, players have to end on a triple, double or bulls-eye. Personal Statistics Un


A darts game tracker. DarTra is a comprehensive framework to implement, play and track darts games. This allows statistical analysis of your progress as a darts player.