Google Maps API for Script# (ScriptSharp)

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This is the v3 API Wrapper of Google Maps for Script#. It's documentation is identical with Google API Reference.



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«Hello World» in Script#

В помощь начинающим Script# программистам. Приложение "Здравствуй мир". For the aid to beginners Script # to programmers. Application "Hello World".

Bclcontrib-scriptsharp - .Net extentions to the Script# library

IntroductionThis project was designed to add functionality and ease-of-use to Nikhil Kothari's Script# Framework, BCL Contrib-ScriptSharp is useful for developers looking to develop on top of the Script# framework. New to Script#? Go to the Script# Homepage to learn about the framework.

Firesharp - FireBug Console API facade for Script#

FireSharp is a simple FireBug console api facade for Script#. It allows developers to use FireBug's console api with the intellisense that Script# provides.

Extsharp - Write ExtJS code in C#

I really love Ext but coding in javascript just gives me the chills. So I went out and found a way to use my favorite js library (Ext) and my favorite programming language (C#) at the same time. By using a project called Script# I am able to write C# code and have it converted into javascript, similar to GWT. Building on that, Script# also allows you to code against external APIs, but you need to create the types, methods, properties, etc. for everything in the javascript library. So what I did

Poke - An open-source compiler toolkit

IntroductionPoke is an open-source compiler toolkit. Some key decisions: We decided to license everything under the business-friendly Apache 2.0 License. Related projects/productsParsing and manipulating source codeIrony development kit - An open-source C# parser implementation toolkit. Licensed under Microsoft Permissive License. Implemented in C#. Mono's compiler part - An open-source C# compiler under MIT/X11 and GNU licenses. Implemented in C#. NRefactory - An open-source C#/VB parser. Imple

dojosharp - ScriptSharp Bindings for Dojo Toolkit

ScriptSharp Bindings for Dojo Toolkit


Compiler to convert C# code to Javascript. It will be similar to ScriptSharp but with C# 4.0 features


A set of project templates and ScriptSharp dependencies, for creating new Widgets for Chameleon.