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opengl test



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Mashup-euknyaz-gltest - GLTest

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Awesomium-c - C-API for Awesomium 1.6

OverviewAwesomium is a thin wrapper around chromium/webkit which allows for offscreen rendering of web content to be easily integrated in other applications, e.g. games. The official Awesomium API is C++ only so this project aims at creating a full, easy to use (cough) C-API on top of the original C++ API. A couple of points 99% of the C++ API is wrapped except resource interceptors Each class in the original API is wrapped via awe_CLASSNAME_methodname C procedures/functions. If you follow this

GLTest - Testar GL

Testar GL

GLTest - Open GL testing

Open GL testing

gltest - OpenGL ES ????????????

OpenGL ES ????????????

GL_Test - Trying some OpenGL...

Trying some OpenGL...

OpenGLTest - Simple OpenGL playground

Simple OpenGL playground

OpenGLTest - Test Project for OpenGL

Test Project for OpenGL


This is just a sample project for learning OpenGL for iOS.

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