GL2DX (OpenGL to DirectX Wrapper Library)

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GL2DX is a wrapper library that allows you to build your OpenGL app for WinRT.



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Cocos2d-x - C++ Port of cocos2d-iphone. Multi-platform, light-weight & developer friendly

cocos2d-x is a cross platform 2D game engine on various mobile platforms, port from cocos2d-iphone in C++ STABLE VERSIONHere google code is only for publish stable version. You can download them from "Downloads" tag SOURCE CODEsource are hosted on WEBSITEwebsite: forum: wiki: twitter:

Pkengine - PixelKnight Game Engine

It is a 2d game engine based on C# and GDI+. The project architecture is similar with cocos2d-iphone (cocos2d-x) game engine. But it does not use hardware acceleration (DirectX or OpenGL). It is used to learn how to make a simple game engine.

Box2dx - Box2DX is a C# port of Box2D - 2D Physics Engine.

Box2DX is a C# port of Box2D - Erin Catto's 2D Physics Engine. You can find original C++ version on Collision: Continuous collision detection. Contact callbacks: add, persist, remove. Convex polyons and circles. Multiple shapes per body. One-shot contact manifolds. Incremental sweep-and-prune broadphase. Efficient pair management. Fast broadphase AABB queries. Collision groups and categories. Physics: Continuous physics with time of impact island solver. Persistent body-joint-conta

Simple-tetris-clone - yet another simple tetris clone...

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Albert Einstein IntroductionThere must be a gazillion Tetris clones out there. Why another one?. Because I couldn't find a clone like this: with a liberal open source license and programmed with code legibility in mind. There are many little projects like this but most of them have restrictive GPL licenses or are very difficult to read and change. This one is released under then open and permissive MIT license and hopefully it's ea

Birdie - Casual game inspired by Q*Bert and J-Bird

What is it ?Birdie is my first personal project in C++. It is a casual game inspired by a game released in 1982 named Q*bert. More precisely, Birdie takes it's inspiration in a Q*bert clone (J-Bird) I once played on my father's 486dx2. GameplayBirdie is an isometric platform game with puzzle elements where the player controls the titular protagonist (in fact Suzanne, Blender's mascot) from a third-person perspective. Birdie starts each game at the top of a pyramid of cubes, and moves by jumping

Fallenge - A game engine written in c#.

FallenGEFallenGE (Game Engine) is a complete solution for witting games in c#. The engine makes use of various free libraries, such as Tao, and combines them together into a nice neat package to make writing a game as easy as possible. FeaturesA simple interface for creating games. Rendering engine written in OpenGL. Sprite management. Audio playback via OpenAL. File management via PhysFS. Supports all image formats supported by DevIL. Mouse/Keyboard Input support. Basic Shader support. Physics

Klas-engine - A 2D engine with an emphasis on ease of use.

NOTE: I'm in the process of rewriting key aspects of the engine. This expands the engine's use and allows for a more flexible, stronger, and overall, better design. A bunch of new features are planned. Ease of use is still key. Some of the new features include: Generic rendering system (called the (GL)(Dx)RenderingCore, which allows all rendering to take place at any time) (GL 95% bughunt) Virtual classes allowing the use of OpenGL or DirectX (GL DONE) Redesigned node (now called Renderable) sys

Axonengine - a 3d game engine

AxonEngine is a morden 3D game engine written in C++ and Lua running in windows. It support DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL 2.x up api. Here is its feature list: ANSI C++ and Lua programming DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL 2.x(with Cg) rendering All programmable shading render path Intergrated Lua for meta-programming Full dynamic lighting and shadowing Cascaded Shadow Map for global light(sun or moon) shadow Direction/Global light, point light, spot light type Shadow Map Cache for many lights can same rendered

Glintercept - OpenGL call interceptor/logger

AboutGLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor for Windows that will intercept and log all OpenGL calls. Basic usageSelect the version of GLIntercept right for the application being debugged (x86 or x64) - Note you select the version of GLIntercept based on if the application is x86 or x64 (64bit) - not if the operating system is 64 bit. Then after installation, simply copy the opengl32.dll and a gliConfig.ini file from the install directory to the executable folder of the application yo

Robotcontrolide - An integrated development environment for robot control development for the Player

The ProjectIRCE (Integrated Robot Control Environment) is a programming environment for mobile robot software control that makes use of the Player/Stage/Gazebo Project to simulate the robots behavior. Since it is a 3D simulation, actually only Player and Gazebo are used. The application lets users to create 3D virtual worlds and place 3d models such as ground, walls (boxes) or cylinders and robots with its sensors such as a Pioneer2DX with a Sick LMS200 sensor. Each robot control can be implemen

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