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Smart Funny Robot



Related Projects

3D XNA Gizmo

A 3D XNA Gizmo usable for your Level Editor. Gizmo & EditorComponent are light-weight alternatives of the 3D Gizmo used in Core Engine ( )

Catamonkey - A Big Project made by amateur programmers from Operation Catapult

Probably a game with elements from the games Gizmo's Gambit, Operation: Falling Ball, The Titleless Game of DOOM, Battle Pong, and "Group 10's Enigma".

Paus-nuke-tools - Nuke tools, scripts, gizmos, ...

Here you can find the source of the tools and scripts I have developped for Nuke.

Gizmo-utils - Java Utility Classes

This is a set of utility classes created while doing bigger tasks. They are not a part of those tasks' output and do not have any dependency ties but rather self-contained artefacts which might be of use in the future.

Pug - Python Universal GUI and Python Inventor Gizmo

PUG and PIGPig is a 2d art/game-building environment based on the Pug system. The Pug system is a set of introspective, gui-based programming tools that work as a run-time tester/editor and an automatic code generator. NOTICE!Are you interested in this project continuing? Do you use it? If so, please drop a line at . Feedback needed! System requirementsPugPython 2.5 ( wxPython (Use latest stable version at

Pyrocket - PyGTK control interface for Striker II and Dream Cheeky USB foam dart launchers

pyrocket is used to operate USB foam dart launchers. It supports many models, and for some, has considerably more functionality than the drivers provided by the manufacturer. One may find it useful as a starting point for controlling other USB devices, or just for waging cubicle warfare. pyrocket automatically detects the launcher(s) and a joystick, and a video window is provided for webcam-enabled devices. pyrocket currently supports the "circus cannon", "original" and "webcam" USB Missile Laun

Gizmo Daemon

Gizmod is a utility for enabling alternative input devices to be used in Linux. This includes such devices as the PowerMate USB dial, fancy keyboards and mice with buttons not recognized or supported by X. Gizmod allows per application event mappings.

Little Portal Gizmo

The Little Portal Gizmo is a small Java web application container based on Eclipse plug-ins and the Apache HTTP Core. It uses a custom and very light weight API. The web applications you develop for the Gizmo have the form of Eclipse plug-ins.