time-elements - Web component extensions to the standard <time> element.

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Web component extensions to the standard




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Java-bloomfilter - A stand-alone Bloom filter implementation written in Java

java-bloomfilter is a stand-alone Bloom filter implementation written in Java. It is intended to be easy to include in existing projects without the overhead of having additional libraries. This project has moved to GitHub: https://github.com/magnuss/java-bloomfilter I will update this page with the latest releases for a while, but please use GitHub to report bugs or checkout the source code. Additional documentation and examples can be found here: https://github.com/magnuss/java-bloomfilter#rea

Ebay-sdk-python - Simple and Extensible eBay SDK for Python

THIS REPO HAS MOVED TO GITHUB https://github.com/timotheus/ebaysdk-pythonWelcome to the eBay SDK for Python. This SDK cuts development time and simplifies tasks like error handling and enables you to make Finding, Shopping, Merchandising, and Trading API calls. In Addition, the SDK comes with RSS and HTML back-end libraries. In order to use eBay aspects of this utility you must first register with eBay to get your API developer credentials (see the ebay.yaml for a way to easily tie eBay credenti

Jquery-showhide - A robust &quot;toggle&quot; plugin for jQuery

This project has moved to Github!The code on this page is out of date. Please click the link above to get the latest and greatest jquery.showhide! jquery-showhideA robust "toggle" plugin for jQuery. Features include the use of cookies, toggling of text and more. Remember the state of the target object in a cookie. Change the text of the toggle element (useful if you want the link text to change, e.g. "Show form"/"Hide form"). Apply classes to the toggle element to give it plus/minus classes. Aut

Jsflux - General JavaScript engine for HTML5 Canvas Element.

Flux - General JavaScript engine for HTML5 Canvas Element. Moved to GitHub: https://github.com/LeoDutra/fluxObjective:Create a very fast, easy and light engine, for "HTML5 Canvas", using the concepts of Adobe® Flash® /Flex® API and Box2D. So, why Flux:There are great projects around HTML5, SVG, WebGL and some other new stuff. Some are doing a very nice work; three.js (Mr.Doob) is one of them. But most of these projects aim more than one of these technologies. Flux will focus only on HTML5 Can

Zeroclipboard - Provides &quot;Copy to Clipboard&quot; functionality for your web site using JavaScr

Development Has Ceased On Zero ClipboardHey everyone, I am very sorry to report that development on Zero Clipboard has ended. I just don't have the time to maintain it anymore. I deeply apologize to everyone, and hope that someone picks up the reins. You have my permission to copy the source code and host it on GitHub or wherever. No attribution required. Jon Rohan has graciously moved this to GitHub for me: https://github.com/jonrohan/ZeroClipboard Zero ClipboardThe Zero Clipboard library provi

smartupdater is a jQuery periodicalupdater plugin similar to Prototype&#39;s PeriodicalUpdater.

Smartupdater plugin performs periodical updating functionality and can be used in all sorts of applications which need polling mechanisms. Live example and documentation at: http://eslinstructor.net/smartupdater/ Source at github https://github.com/vkiryukhin/Smartupdater Smartupdater version 4.0.beta is released.New in 4.0: - API style: 100% jQuery API style is implemented. -------------------------------------------- Smartupdater version 3.2 is released.New Features for 3.2: - maxFailedRequest

Userinfuser - Open Source Gamification Platform

What is UserInfuser?From the makers of AppScale comes an open source platform that provides customizable gamification elements designed to increase user interaction on websites. The project involves badging, points, live notifications, and leaderboards. Additonally, the platform provides analytics to track user participation. Visit http://cloudcaptive.com for more information or sign up at userinfuser.com. Source code is available for SVN checkout or downloadable as a tar/zip file, allowing for

Iwl - A widget library for the web

IWL: a perl widget library for rapid RIA development The initial goal behind the development of IWL was to reduce the HTML strings inside Perl code. With time however, the library has grown beyond that goal, and now provides a Perl interface to the excellent Prototype JS library, full remote process communication via AJAX, and a complete set of graphical user interface widgets via an API similar to that of Gtk+. IWL in the GithubThe IWL source has moved in the Github. As a result, the Google Cod

Wordsvote - Bayesian Classifier for Words used in Congressional Record measured against Voting Data

Words Vote. "Words Vote." employs Sunlight Labs' "capitolwords" python library to obtain lists of words used by individual congresspeople during an interval of time (usually before a major vote). Also grabbing data for the selected and associated single roll call vote from Govtrack's XML records, it uses Bayesian statistics to determine which words are most informative in predicting a congressperson's vote. PurposeWe live in an age closely attuned to rhetoric. Political agents, when speaking on

Android-query - Simpler Coding for Android

Android QueryAndroid-Query (AQuery) is a light-weight library for doing asynchronous tasks and manipulating UI elements in Android. Our goal is to make Android coding simpler, easier, and more fun! Documentation API Demo App, Sample App (SimpleFeed), SimpleFeed Source. javadoc Android Development Blog Download jar, Release Notes Discussion Group GitHub Why AQuery?Less Code AJAX Callback Image Loading XML Parsing Chaining Binding Authentication In-app Version Check Alleviate Fragmentation Multipl