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A simple Ruby Gem to bootstrap dependencies for setting up and maintaining a local Jekyll environment in sync with GitHub Pages



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Suda-in - Twitter clone to use in your company, school and community

Site moved to is a twitter clone to use in company, school and community. FeaturesBasic Twitter Features Support LDAP authentication Support Gravatar Support Video Chat Page (With OpenTok) Simultaneous writing on Twitter Default language is English Before You BeginInstall Ruby, RubyGems, Rails 3, and a database like MySQL InstallationDownload the source from "Source" tab. Set your configuration file at config/config.yml (see config/config.default.yml for a

Ruby-statsample - Statistical software, a la R on ruby

StatsampleDescriptionStatsample is a statistical library for Ruby. Has modules for descriptive and inferencial statistics. Compatible with Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 Features: Classes for Vector, Datasets (set of Vectors) and Multisets (multiple datasets with same fields and type of vectors), and multiple methods to manipulate them. Converters to and from database (using dbi), csv (standard library) and Excel files (using spreadsheet). Can output to GGobi, MX and Rosuda's Mondrian files Module Codificatio

Sponger - Ruby ActiveResource plug in for the Spongecell calendar and event API

Sponger now works with rails 2.1!Sponger is a simple plug-in for creating and modifying calendars, events, and calendar widgets with the Spongecell API. This will easily allow you to create any sort of application or web site that uses events. Sponger is built on top ActiveResource which is included in Rails 2.0. ActiveResource can be used outside of rails if you copy out the ActiveResource libraries from the rails project. Sponger is developed inside of the Spongewolf project located at: http:/

Gchartrb - Ruby wrapper around the Google Chart API

Introductiongchartrb is a Ruby wrapper around the Google chart API located at It provides a nice object oriented interface with friendly names, and methods to populate data. Then the data is automatically encoded and the URL can be generated. Features in the new release of Google Charts API are pending and should be implemented soon. Check out TodoList for a complete list. Download and InstallationThe simplest way to install gchartrb is via Rubygems gem install

Lemurbitmapindex - Lemur Bitmap Index C++ Library

A C++ library implementing column-oriented bitmap indexes. If you want just the compressed bitmap component, for use in your own database engine, you can download the EWAHBoolArray archive (or grab it from the github page). It is available under the permissive Apache license. Usage: \tEWAHBoolArray<uword32> bitset1;\tbitset1.set(1);\tbitset1.set(2);\tbitset1.set(1000);\tbitset1.set(1001);\tbitset1.set(1002);\tbitset1.set(1003);\tbitset1.set(1007);\tbitset1.set(1009);\tbitset1.set(100000);\tEWAHB

Law-log - Show amended law as changelog/diff (similar to Word &quot;track changes&quot; format)

There are 2 versions: plain Rails and GAE-specific versionGAE version is deployed on How to check out and run GAE code (on Linux)Make sure you have installed ruby1.8, rubygems1.8, hg and git-core (On HG: remember to touch ~/.hgrc and at least specify [ui] username = ) I have based my efforts on this recipe: Step 1: get the filesSo, check out the GAE-specific version from, and let's start. s

IssueGem - A github issue generator for user github-page

A github issue generator for user github-page


Demo site for the TwitterBootstrapFormBuilder gem driving the github pages for the gem


Direct link to the tutorial page -

custom_error_pages - gem created from gist

gem created from gist