Game Gears

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XNA-based MVVM game framework.



Related Projects

kigg - Social bookmarking engine in ASP.NET

KiGG is a Web 2.0 style social news web application developed in Microsoft supported technologies. It allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favorite links online. The links could be tagged and Users will allowed to vote up or down the links. It rates the User based on their links posted and votes received. SQL Server or MySQL could be used as database back end. It powers websites - A site where you find links for .NET stories.

OpenGG - OpenGG's blog

OpenGG's blog


WDBearManager is a program that enables the user to store the information found inside the WDB files from World of Warcraft (Blizzard) in a relational database (MySQL and HSQL supported). WDB files build the client cache. Forum:

Ggchatbot - Simple GG chat bot written in Qt

Simple chat bot written in Qt and using libgadu to connection with GG network.

Gadubot - Bot for Gadu-Gadu

Bot dla sieci GG posiadajacy wsparcie dla AIML. Uzywane biblioteki: Program# i DotGadu.

Ggpy-branch - Branch of GG5 in OOP Python

For my own uni project, a branch of GG5 in OOP Python. I needed a decent Uni project and here it is!

Ggedit - Small WYSIWYG rich text editor

ggEdit 0.2 is under-developmentggEdit is a javascript WYSIWYG rich text editor developed by Greener Grass. Some strong points: Small: 10Kb (without MooTools) Object Oriented: based on MooTools library Highly and easily configurable ggEdit is using the MooTools library. Read here for a quick tutorial on ggEdit's capabilities. Please report any issues that you encounter here. Compatible with:Mozilla Firefox Safari Opera Internet Explorer Powered by


GG_ScreenConsole makes it easier for XNA game developers to create a functional Console. You'll no longer have to take yourself out of fullscreen to use the included console, or write your own. It's developed in C# for XNA 4.0