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Kernuleric - Numeric project of

Numeric tools written in Java. JRE1.5+ is required to use these tools. kernelabasis project is a need for some class. See GetStart as introduction.

Itunesmediaimport - iTunesMediaImport - Import your media library into iTunes and keep it in sync

iTunesMediaImport is a cross platform (Java based) application that parses your media library (movies, tv shows and shows bought on iTunes) and imports them into iTunes. If a show was deleted in your library it will be removed from your iTunes library. iTunesMediaImport is developed in Scala - feel free to experiment and contribute. The iTunesMediaImport forum is here GetStarted Documentation

Pbs4java - JAVA API for PBS Torque

PBS Torque Resources Manager is one of the best open-source load balancing clusters. This project will create an API to interface Java with PBS Torque through an Object Oriented Model not through the command-line. This is anticipate to simplify the task of integeratation of your Java Solutions. You can download the tool from here. The GetStarted manual is here. API doc can be found at:

Getting-started-with-rabbitmq - Getting Started With RabbitMQ in .net

The getting started section of the RabbitMQ website is actually very good, it explains the concepts in a very easy to understand format. The only downside for me(being a .net coder) was the lack of .net code in the examples, I thought it would be probably added at a later date but I just checked back and it still doesn't(as of now) exist. This is the DotNet version of these examples. Walkthrough of all these examples are available on my blog Original examples ar

Got-names - Got Names is a system for helping a group of people learn each other's names in a fu

The basic idea is that users are shown a set of 4 pictures at a time and are then asked to pick the name of each from a list of names below each picture. The names are all of the same gender as the person in the picture to make it a bit more difficult to guess. The project is written using the Google AppEngine SDK. Users can either upload their profile picture directly as an image file or use Facebook integration to pick one of their profile pictures from there. Anyone can create a new Got Names

Bayes-swarm - A research project to extract correlations between web sources

Bayes-Swarm is a research project, its aim is to spider web sources (news portals, blogs and online newspapers) and extract correlations between such sources. ImportantBayes-Swarm is no longer under active development. The no longer hosts the spider frontend interface. Feel free to navigate the documentation and use the code for your own purposes, just don't expect many new features to be released... For any info, including access to spidered data (roughly 8Gb of tar g

Fluentjoiner - Fluent interface pattern library.

Joiner is a library based on the fluent interface pattern to allow more natural chaining of method calls and support classes for basic tasks like HTTP and JDBC calls. An example of this which also demonstrates the HTTP integration is as follows: final String feed = HttpFileObjectSupplierBuilder.fromPath("").textFromFile().get();Alternatively, filtering collections can be easily done and type safe with minimal code: final List<Integer> numbersWithNulls = Lists.newArrayLi

Chunksofcode - personal collection of tools and projects used to study and work

ChunksOfCodethis "project" is a set of my projects (tools, utilities, games, demos, junk, ...) created mostly for learning purposes, some code was written for me dealing with my pc. GAMESmines/minesweeper game with swing gui (and as ajax-browsergame: web-wings-mines) schnellen-core/card game "tiroler schnellen", with a commandline ui. lifesimulator/swing app showing the life of foxes and rabbits. rabbits are eaten by the foxes. demonstrates usage of the paint(Graphics) app-rubic-cube/(not yet ru

Fixjures - Externalized Data for dummy objects in Java

Tired of writing code to set up test data? Fixjures provide a way to instantiate java objects from external, terse, human-readable (and more importantly human-writable) text files. YAML and JSON are supported out of the box. If you're interested in the old 1.x line (legacy, but supports Java 1.5), check the OldHome. 2.0 introduces YAML support which, IMFO, is a much cleaner and easier way to quickly draft up some dummy objects for tests. accounts.yaml - id: 1 name: Test Account 1 description: Te

Ima-so - A highly customizable yet intiutive image sorting application.

imaso - image sorter imaso is a cross-platform graphical desktop application written in Java aimed at sorting photos into a specified customizable folder structure. more images» Problem statementHow often would you come home with your digital camera from a terrific event to transfer fantastic photos you have taken there? Time after time you patiently create folders to put your images in or rely on tools that just do not offer flexibility you want. Descriptionimaso (abbreviated from im*age and s