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CartoWeb gis php5 plugin for Kml, geoRSS and geoJSON, OpenLayers export of mapserver layers. Visit for latest news and doc.Plugin CartoWeb php5 d'export KML, geoRSS et geoJSON.+d'infos sur

Geojson-net - .Net library for GeoJSON types & corresponding Json.Net (de)serializers

.Net (De)Serializer to read and write compliant data. Sources are hosted at github ( and future releases will only be available there. Cheers, -J

geojson-js-utils - JavaScript helper functions for manipulating GeoJSON

JavaScript helper functions for manipulating GeoJSON

topojson - An extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.

An extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.

Webprocessingserver - WebProcessingServer: RESTful Geodata Processing Server

WebProcessingServerWebProcessingServer is a RESTful Geodata Processing Server, designed to allow hooking into any geographic data processing tool that has access from Python. WPServer includes sample actions for reprojection using ogr, buffering using Shapely, pure Python Douglas-Peucker line simplification, and routing using pgRouting. WPServer is largely a proof of concept for the idea of RESTful WPS. Currently only supports input/output as GeoJSON FeatureCollections.


Just a simple utility to convert GeoJSON objects to Google Maps vector objects (Marker, Polyline, Polygon)

Mapnik-utils - Python tools for working with Mapnik

mapnik-utilsTools, scripts, and programs utilizing Mapnik's python bindings to ease the process of developing, testing, and producing map graphics with the C++ mapping toolkit. Cascadenik -- Cascading Stylesheets For MapnikCascadenik implements cascading stylesheets for Mapnik. The project is now based at Github. Nikweb -- a Mapnik GeoJSON web serviceOverlay GeoJSON features via a HTTP request on any Mapnik map. Docs: see NikWeb. Quantumnik -- Mapnik integration with QGISCreate Mapnik XML styles

Ncconv - Extract data from netCDF files and export to geoJSON or shapefile

Allows you to extract data from a netCDF file and save the results as either geoJSON or shapefile. Allows you to specify multiple geographical regions, time ranges, and/or spatial levels in the case of multi-level data. Two operation parameters: Dissolve - True: geometry is dissolved into a single feature, data values are averaged over the entire area. False: Each data point in the file is output as a separate geographical feature. Clip - True: feature geometries are clipped so only data points

Yahoo-geo-planet-client - Yahoo Geo Planet Client for Java

Yahoo Geo Planet Client is an ongoing project used in down↓town and It is a client written for Yahoo Geo Planet exposed services. Down↓Town which runs on I Like Places, is an open source social network which gets you socialized in real life. The social network uses Yahoo Geo Planet data and web services ( ).