Generic PubSub with WCF Support

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This is a specific implementation of publisher subscriber, in this implementation we can use specific model subscribe and publish instead of string.



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faye - Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

Sinergia - free help desk framework in CSharp

Sinergia is a ASP.NET Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation based free help desk solution, developed in CSharp. It solves all the Workflow and WCF plumbing implementing one help desk scenario, providing tools to customize it to fit your needs. It provides Help Desk Ticket Management, Claim Management and Order tracking solution.


SharpDevelop is the open-source IDE for the .NET platform. Write applications in languages including C#, VB.NET, F#, IronPython and IronRuby, as well as target rich and reach: Windows Forms or WPF, as well as ASP.NET MVC and WCF. It starts from USB drives, supports read-only projects, comes with integrated unit and performance testing tools, Git, NuGet and a lot more features that make you productive as a developer.

Mvc-mini-profiler - A simple but effective Mini-Profiler for ASP.NET, WCF

A simple but effective mini-profiler for .NET and Ruby. MiniProfiler does not attach itself to every single method call; Instead, it provides An ADO.NET profiler, capable of profiling calls on raw ADO.NET, LINQ-to-SQL, EF / "Code First", Lightspeed and a range of other data access scenarios. A pragmatic Step instrumentation that you can add to code you want to explicitly profile. The profiler is also able to do database profiling and also it can log all ajax calls.

private_pub - Handle pub/sub messaging through private channels in Rails using Faye.

Handle pub/sub messaging through private channels in Rails using Faye.

File Watcher Utilities

File system/directory monitoring utilities with loggin and task processing support (can execute files or make a WCF service call). Multiple configuration options. Source code libraries can be used to create a custom file system monitor.

Nservicebus-wcf-pubsub - An nServiceBus sample, using WCF from a website to send to multiple subscri

An nServiceBus sample. A website calls a WCF endpoint, which forwards an Event on to a Publisher, which then distributes that Event to Subscribers. Used when you don't want the website to host nServiceBus for clean separation of concerns.

Bunkai - Bunkai is a modular JavaScript editor framework, geared towards the Dojo toolkit

Begun as a PoC for the most simple UI to code web apps on the web. Currently Bunkai is a framework that plugs together generic editors and generic resource managers. At the moment editors exist for the EditArea JavaScript source code editor and a drag-and-drop visual Dojo widget editor. When one editor has changed content, it uses Dojo pub/sub to notify all the other editors of the same file. A resource manager manages list, create, load and save of files in some media. Currently a resource mana

Wcfserviceforax - wcf service for ax

Wcf Service that handle in future queries from ax database